Reconstruction of Route 1 north of Camden Hills State Park and Spring Brook Bridge is now scheduled for 2019/20 according to a work plan issued by the Maine Department of Transportation earlier this month.

DOT and town officials have discussed a $5.5 million highway project for Roure 1 and a $2.5 million bridge replacement project since 2016. At that time, the project was proposed to begin in 2018.

Camden appointed a Route 1 North Advisory Committee that recommended changes to DOT's plans. The committee focused on preserving trees and scenic views by reducing drainage work and clearing alongside the highway.

Bob Falciani chaired the committee prior to his election to the Select Board. He has characterized the committee's recommendations as performance-based, or "if it ain't broke don't fix it," and contrasted that with MDOT's prescriptive approach, which applies construction standards, including surface draining and foliage removal, over the entire 1.54 miles whether needed or not.

DOT's last meeting in Camden occurred June 21. At the open public meeting, DOT staff met one-on-one with residents whose properties abut Route 1 along the proposed construction area. Since that time, the town has been waiting for DOT's revised designs for the highway. The town has been been told by DOT that revised plans would be sent this month, according to Falciani. Given the fact that the required activity to negotiate rights of way with each abuter has not started, this project is easily a 2019/2020 project, Falciani said Jan. 23 in an email.