Residents engaged in community issues

Grassroots democracy is alive and well in Union! Saturday morning, nearly 200 citizens packed the Town Hall meeting room to decide the future of our Thompson Community Center; the historic “Old Yellow School.” After much lively debate, the majority opted to keep the building operating as a multi-use community center, rather than renovate it for senior housing. As a town selectman, I might have preferred a different outcome from this vote, but as a citizen of Union I recognize this event as a “win-win” situation for our town and community, whichever way the decision ended.

The fact that 200 of us crowded into the hall on a beautiful winter morning to decide this issue shows real involvement and concern for our history, as well as our future. Too many communities simply allow their older, aging public buildings to crumble and deteriorate, thereby losing touch with their historic identities and respect for the past, but not Union.

The sense of community is strong in our town, and our concern for this fine old school building is very real. I’m proud of us!

John Shepard