Fire prevention awareness logos created by Camden-Rockport Middle School students are featured on Camden Fire Department trucks for the entire school year.

CRMS students designed the logos during fire prevention week last fall. The winning logos for each grade were made into decals and professionally applied to the fire trucks by Adventure Advertising, specialists in vehicle graphics and wraps.

The CRMS fire prevention logo winners are: Kelsey Clayton, fifth grade, Kylee Miller, eighth grade, and Rachael Rademacher, eighth grade.

This is the second year the Camden Fire Department has sponsored the logo contest for middle school students. This year, the fire department invited Maine Forest Ranger Scott Maddox. Maddox brought Smokey the Bear along with him to congratulate all of the logo winners and all of the students who worked on fire safety prevention art.

The Camden Fire Department came up with the idea of involving students in fire prevention week outreach, by offering to paint the students' logos on a real fire truck, according to Camden Fire Chief Chris Farley.

As part of the fire prevention program, firefighters visited schools, made presentations, and supplied rolls of paper, paint and markers. The logo contest is designed to not only make learning about fire prevention fun, but to remind everyone who sees the logos of the steps to take to prevent fires all year long.