The crazy winter weather had hampered efforts to hold the 2018 annual Marlee Race. First scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 13, it was moved to the following day due to rain. That race had to be rescheduled as well, due to equipment failure. In the end, Sunday, Jan. 21 turned out to be the perfect day.

Temperatures were warm and smiles abounded, said Camden Snow Bowl middle school ski race coach Weber Roberts, as more than 180 children from around the state convened to compete in slalom in the “race to remember.”

It is race held each year at Kents Hill to celebrate the life of Marlee Johnston, a former ski racer from Maranacook, who loved nothing more than to celebrate ski racing with her friends on the mountain, Roberts said.

CSB participates each year — usually as a warm-up for the season — but this season it came later in the schedule. Nonetheless, the CSB skiers posted excellent results in their first slalom race of the season, said Roberts.

“I saw big smiles and big spirits today,” said Roberts. “After training in subzero temps, and having practice cancelled due to rain, it was such a release to come out here on a 40-degree day with the sun shining. Not to mention the fact that every single kid finished the race today, which is a big plus.”

For CSB, three boys and one girl skied into top-10 finishes. The CNB boys ended second against tough Maranacook, the coach said.

The boys team results were: Maranacook 11, Camden 38, Saddleback 45, Kents Hill 96, Farmington Area Ski Team 108, Chisholm Ski Club 125 and Spruce Mountain no score.

The girls team results were: Maranacook 30, Saddleback 43, Camden 59 and Sugarloaf Area Ski Team, Chisholm Ski Club and Spruce Mountain no score.

The individual CSB results, with combined times for two runs of slalom, were.

Girls — 10, Abigail Williams 1:17.71; 12, Zola Roberts 1:18.98; 18, Lily Stowe, 1:24.96; 19, Charlotte Taylor, 1:26.98; 28, Ava Tobias, 1:33.23; 29, Greer Lafiura, 1:35.77; and 31, Lizzy Larson, 1:38.56.

Boys — 6, Jaxson Lowe, 1:12.28; 7, Britt Lafiura, 1:12.99; 9, Jet Lindelof, 1:13.94; 16, Alistair Levitt, 1:18.36;  21, Ryan Southworth, 1:22.16; 32, Oliver Castle, 1:32.62; and 34, Ian Larson, 1:35.43. Landon Marquis also participated.

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