By the skin of its teeth or wider margins, it was a break even day on the mat for the Medomak Valley wrestling team on Monday, Jan. 15 in a five-team meet with Erskine Academy of South China, Maine Central Institute of Pittsfield, Morse of Bath and Oxford Hills of South Paris.

The Panthers finished 2-2 in dual-matches as they beat the Shipbuilders 40-28 and Huskies 48-30, but lost to the Eagles 39-38 and Vikings 52-21.

The individual Medomak Valley results, with Panthers listed first, were:

113 pounds — Gavin Readinger (15-9, 4 pins) pinned Kristin Ray, EA, at 3:54; was pinned by Tyler Baker, MCI, at 0:38; won by by forfeit over Morse; and pinned Sabrina Cothran, OxH, at 3:03.

120 pounds — Marshall Sawyer (12-5, 4 pins) pinned Nate Farrar, EA, at 5:13; won by forfeit over MCI; was pinned by Gage Kindlemann, Mor, at 2:56; and beat Riley Smith, OxH, 10-7.

126 pounds — Riley Micklich (13-4,8 pins) pinned Gage Henderson, EA, at 3:33; pinned Micailah Albertson, Mor, at 1:48; and was pinned by Zyanthony Moss, MCI, at 3:24.

Colby Hyde (9-13,7 pins) was pinned by Jaden Davis, OxH, at 0:21.

132 pounds — Emily Harris (7-8,1 pin) was pinned by Michael Sprague, EA, at 1:03.

Colby Hyde was pinned by Cole Steeves, MCI, at 0:32; and was pinned by Benny Brewer, Mor, at 0:17.

Damien Henry was pinned by Caleb Johnson, OxH, at 2:26.

138 pounds — Damien Henry (5-12,1 pin) was pinned by Joseph Morse, EA, at 1:11; was pinned by Mason Savary, Mor, at 0:46; and won by forfeit over MCI.

Emily Harris pinned Jozie Smith, OxH, at 1:20.

152 pounds — Dylan O’Reilly (1-1) was pinned by William Bourque, EA, at 4:44; and won by forfeit over MCI.

Nolan Grubb (1-2,1 pin) was pinned by Dylan Cobbett, OxH, at 1:10; and was pinned by Isaiah Cogswell, Mor, at 1:18.

160 pounds — Eli Miller (23-5, 13 pins) pinned Haeden Landry, EA, at 1:24; won by forfeit over MCI and Morse; and was pinned by Dawson Stevens, OxH, at 2:46.

170 pounds — Tyler Cox (11-11, 2 pins) beat Harald Christiansen, EA, 9-5; won by forfeit over MCI; los tto Sam Strozier, Mor, 14-1; and lost to Jason Paradis, OxH, 14-7.

182 pounds — Elijah Lash (18-10, 8 pins) lost to Justin Browne, EA, 13-6; was pinned by Vojtech Filipi, MCI, at 0:55; won by forfeit over Morse; and lost to Travis May, OxH, 14-4.

195 pounds — Amos Hinkley (20-10, 9 pins) won by forfeit over Erskine Academy; pinned Evan Clark, MCI, at 1:17; beat Ihsan Meyers, Mor, 14-3; and was pinned by Jeffrey Worster, OxH, at 2:40.

220 pounds — Erik Benner (24-5, 17 pins) beat Isaak Peavey, EA, 15-0; pinned Jayce Martin, Mor, at 5:59; and lost to Jarrod Taylor, OxH, 8-6.

Jacob White won by forfeit over MCI.

285 pounds — Jacob White (18-12, 7 pins) was pinned by Jakob Peavey, EA, at 0:47; lost to Shawn Hermanson, Buckfield, 18-5; pinned Hayden Thompson, Mor, at 0:59; and won by forfeit over Oxford Hills.

Erik Benner pinned Kahlden Briggs, MCI, at 1:14.

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