The Camden Snow Bowl middle school ski racing team's first Alpine/Nordic meet of the season is in the books and resulted in strong success for the young Midcoast athletes.

The CSB team raced at Black Mountain on Martin Luther King Day. The Chisholm Challenge, a Class A middle school meet against Auburn, Maranacook, Mountain Valley, Oxford Hills, Farmington Area Ski Team, Chisolm Ski Club and Rangeley, tested the skiers in Alpine giant slalom and Nordic freestyle.

The CSB team has been hampered in training by extremely cold temperatures for most of December and early January, said coach Weber Roberts, followed by rain that wiped out the Nordic training and much of the hill space at the Snow Bowl.

“This team is resilient and super motivated,” said Roberts. “We have almost a completely new team of kids from last year that are super motivated to ski and to compete. We have only been able to train slalom so far this year, due to limited hill space and very little Nordic, due to the temperatures — but it didn’t matter to the kids at all — they went out today with a lot of grit and muscled through some unknown terrain to post respectable results.”

Much of the state has experienced similar snow conditions and most mountains have struggled to pull together quality events, the coach said, but Black Mountain and the Chisholm Ski Club had a terrific race with more than 100 middle school-age competitors.

The CSB girls and boys finished second. The local skimeisters, the combination of Alpine and Nordic events, brought home seven ribbons.

For the Midcoast girls, Abigail Williams finished fourth, closely followed by Charlotte Taylor in fifth. On the boys side, CSB nearly swept the ribbons with Ryan Southworth second, Alistair Levitt third, Landon Marquis fourth, Ian Larson fifth and Oliver Castle sixth.

The individual results for Camden Snow Bowl skiers, with giant slalom time and place and Nordic freestyle time and place listed, were:

Girls: Zola Roberts 1:10.24 (25) GS and 23:29.1 (29) FS, Abigail Williams 1:11.44 (27) GS and 15:17.6 (19) FS, Charlotte Taylor 1:11.47 (28) GS and 16:36.3 (21) FS, Lily Stowe 1:14.57 (31) GS and 21:05.7 (25) FS, Lizzy Larson 1:18.17 (35) GS and 23:00.3 (28) FS, Greer Lafiura 1:20.57 (36) GS and 22:52.6 (27) FS and Ava Tobias 1:21.56 (38) GS and 21:53.8 (26) FS.

Boys: Jet Lindelof 1:01.64 (10) GS, Alistair Levitt 1:02.87 (15) GS and 21:20.2 (29) FS,Jaxson Lowe 1:02.87 (16) GS, Ryan Southworth 1:05.50 (17) GS and 19:12.5 (26) FS, Landon Marquis 1:09.66 (26) GS and 21:05.3 (28) FS, Oliver Castle 1:21.70 (43) GS and 20:52.1 (27) FS and Ian Larson 1:21.85 (44) GS and 19:03.3 (25) FS.

In boys skimeister, the combination of Alpine and Nordic events, Ryan Southworth was second at 17 for GS and 26 for cross country for 43 points; Alistair Levitt third at 15 and 29 for 44; Landon Marquis fourth at 26 and 28 for 54; Ian Larson fifth at 44 and 25 for 69; and Oliver Castle sixth at 43 and 27 for 70.

In girls skimeister, Abigail Williams finished fourth at 27 and 19 for 46; Charlotte Taylor fifth at 28 and 21 for 49; Zola Roberts seventh at 25 and 29 for 54; Lily Stowe eighth at 31 and 25 for 56; Greer Lafiura tied for ninth at 36 and 27 for 63; Lizzy Larson tied for ninth at 35 and 28 for 63; and Ava Tobias 11th at 38 and 26 for 64.

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