The 2018 calendar year started in style for Busline League middle school basketball teams in their quests to start the new portion of the campaign with a bang — and, namely, wins.

The regular season is expected to end in the next week or so, with the single-elimination playoffs to follow.

The league's large school division is comprised of Medomak of Waldoboro, Oceanside of Rockland/Thomaston, Camden-Rockport, Troy Howard of Belfast, Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta and Boothbay.

The league's small school division includes North Haven, Hope, Islesboro, Searsport, St. George, Lincolnville, Appleton, Vinalhaven, Camden-Rockport, Nobleboro, Wiscasset, Jefferson, Bristol and Woolwich.

Coaches can report results to Courier Publications/VillageSoup by emailing game information or by sending photos, taken by a smartphone, of the home and away books, to Results also can be reported by calling 594-4401, extension 116.

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The following is a recap of recently-reported results:

Boys basketball

Oceanside 8th 49, Great Salt Bay 36

At Thomaston Jan. 10, the Mariners netted a 13-point win over the Cougars. The squads were tied 8-8 after the first quarter, while Great Salt Bay led 17-15 at halftime. Oceanside led 32-28 after three quarters.

Mike Sawyer scored 23 points for Oceanside, while Austin Chilles added six; Brady Marchessault, six; Hunter Norton, five; Bodhi Ames, four; Noah Ross, three; and Jacob Carroll, two.

Gavin Doloff scored 14 points for Great Salt Bay, while Nick Prior added 13; Cedar Cannon, five; Cooper Waltz, three; and Cam Bragg and Will Farrell, two.

The Mariners were 19-of-27 (70 percent) from the foul line, while the Cougars were 8-of-18 (44 percent).

Oceanside 7th 47, Great Salt Bay 38

At Damariscotta Jan. 10, the Mariners remained undefeated with a victory over the Cougars. Oceanside led 17-11, 25-21 and 36-32 at the quarter breaks.

Hayden Jacques scored 13 points for Oceanside, while Jason Leclerc added eight; Alex Bartlett, Alex Collins and Noah Burns, six; Isaiah Meklin, four; and Liam Porter and Andrew Gehouskey, two.

Jack Duncan scored 21 points for Great Salt Bay, while Lucas Houghton and Gabe Hagar added five; Carson Hallowell and Connor McFarland, three; and Nolan Gilbert, one.

Medomak 7th 49, Camden-Rockport 26

At Camden Jan. 10, the Riverhawks rose to the occasion and soared past the Schooners. The squads were tied 10-10 after the first quarter, while Medomak led 24-15 at halftime and 39-21 after three quarters.

Blake Morrison scored 10 points for Medomak, while Jaiden Starr and Finn Parmley added eight; Isaac Simmons and Kevin Sincyr, three; and Tucker Holgerson, Hayden Staples, Noah Lawrence, Matthew Holbrook, Gavin Clark, Ivan Murphy and Gaitlyn Bedenik, two.

Lucas Moody scored 11 points for Camden-Rockport, while William Smith added seven; Owen Berez, three; and McCauslin Lavoie, two.

Medomak 8th 52, Camden-Rockport 50

At Waldoboro Jan. 10, the Riverhawks edged the visiting Schooners. Camden-Rockport led 14-12, 25-24 and 40-34 at the quarter breaks, while Medomak outscored the visitors 18-10 in the fourth quarter to net the win.

Trevor Brown poured in 27 points for Medomak, while Isaak Hynd added 10; Jake Bickmore, seven; Garrett Hutchins, six; and Tyler Leonard, two.

Ryan Clifford scored 18 points for Camden-Rockport, while Willy Doehla and Aiden O’Connell added eight; Addison Castellano, seven; Caleb Sabanty, five; and Adrian Pierce, four.

The score was tied 50-50 before Brown scored the winning bucket for Medomak with five seconds to play.

Medomak 8th 57, Troy Howard 30

At Waldoboro Jan. 8, the Riverhawks blanked the Lions of Belfast in the first quarter and used that momentum to surge past the visitors. Medomak led 14-0, 34-9 and 39-27 at the quarter breaks.

Trevor Brown poured in 28 points for Medomak, while Isaak Hynd added 11; Jake Bickmore, six; Dominic Athearn, five; Connor Daigle, three; and Addison Mellor and Garrett Hutchins, two.

Zepherin Leppanen and Keegan McGowan scored nine points for Troy Howard, while Zack Armstrong added five; Rico Washington, four; Jonah Lovejoy, two; and Eli Howard, one.

The Riverhawks were 5-of-13 (38 percent) from the charity stripe, while the Lions were 1-of-3 (33 percent).

Troy Howard 7th 65, Medomak 61

At Belfast Jan. 8, the Lions bested the Panthers in a tightly-contest battle. Medomak led 16-11 after the first quarter and 31-30 at halftime, while Troy Howard rallied to take a 48-47 lead after three quarters.

Pat McConnell dumped in 23 points for Troy Howard, while Liam McConnell added 13; Bobby Banks, nine; James Ritter, seven; Jeremiah Porter and Casey Balicki, four; Eli Slaughter and Zeke Slaughter, two; and Zach Sanderson, one.

Kevin Sincyr netted 12 points for Medomak, while Matthew Holbrook added 11; Blake Morrison, 10; Jaiden Starr, nine; Ivan Murphy, six; Will Cheesman, four; Finn Parmley, three; and Tucker Holgerson and Connor Light, two.

Vinalhaven 54, Appleton 35

At Vinalhaven Jan. 6, the islanders pulled away from the Wildcats in the second quarter and onto victory. Vinalhaven led 11-5, 27-11 and 49-27 at the quarter breaks.

Alec Radley scored 21 points for Vinalhaven, while Robbie Swears added nine; Connor Lazaro, eight; and Riley Anthony, Lincoln Dennison, Sam Wentworth, Kyle Grant and Joe Lazaro, two.

Logan Odone scored 17 points for Appleton, while Ian Dionne and Chris Cammelieri added seven and Zac Boyington and Eli Esancy two.

The Vikings were 1-of-5 (20 percent) from the foul line, while the Wildcats were 5-of-10 (50 percent).

Oceanside 7th 55, Boothbay 50

At Boothbay Jan. 5, the Mariners edged the Wildcats by five points. Oceanside led 15-10 after the first quarter, while Boothbay led 23-22 at halftime. Oceanside led 40-30 after three quarters.

Noah Burns scored 15 points for Oceanside, while Alex Collins added 10; Jason Leclerc, seven; Alex Bartlett, six; Hayden Jacques, Isaiah Meklin and Logan Brazier, four; Andrew Gehouskey, three; and Duncan Natale, two.

Kayden Ames scored 20 points for Boothbay, while Griffin Kinstar added 11; Hamilton Barclay, six; Drew Meader, five; Connor Weiners, four; and Rafe Goldhirsch and Tyler Barter, two.

Oceanside 7th 63, Camden-Rockport 31

At Thomaston Jan. 3, the Mariners sailed out to a strong first-quarter lead and surged past the Schooners. Oceanside led 22-4, 34-11 and 41-21 at the quarter breaks.

Hayden Jacques scored 12 points for Oceanside, while Alex Collins, Isaiah Meklin and Duncan Natale added eight; Logan Brazier, six; Noah Burns and Jason Leclerc, four; Alex Bartlett and Ian Erskine, two; and Gage McIntyre, one.

Lucas Moody netted 19 points for Camden-Rockport, while Owen Berez and William Smith added four and McCaulin Lavoie, Wilson Fedarko and Curtis Bibber, two.

The Mariners were 5-of-8 (62 percent) from the foul line while the Schooners were 5-of-15 (33 percent).

Medomak 7th 52, Boothbay 38

At Waldoboro Jan. 3, the Riverhawks overcame a slow start and prowled to their fifth win of the campaign. The Wildcats led 14-5 after the first quarter, while the Riverhawks took a 20-17 lead at halftime. Boothbay then retook a 34-27 lead after three quarters.

Will Cheesman scored 13 points for the winners, while Jaiden Starr added 11; Blake Morrison, 10; Matthew Holbrook six; Kevin Sincyr, three; Tucker Holgerson, Hayden Staples, Wyatt Simmons and Finn Parmley, two; and Isaac Simmons, one.

Kayden Ames scored 20 points for Boothbay, while Drew Meader added 10; Griffin Kristan, four; and Ryan Amaral and Rafe Goldhirsh, two.

Camden-Rockport 8th 44, Oceanside 35

At Camden Jan. 3, the Schooners netted a nine-point win over the Mariners. Oceanside led 12-4 after the first quarter and 23-11 at halftime, while Camden-Rockport led 28-24 after three quarters.

Adrian Castellano scored 14 points to pace Camden-Rockport, while Ryan Clifford added 12; Caleb Sabanty, 11; Willy Doehla, four; Ezra LeMole, two; and Adrian Pierce, one.

Mike Sawyer scored 21 points for Oceanside, while Bodhi Ames added four; Austin Chilles and Hunter Norton, three; and Jacob Carroll and Cody Carballo, two.

The Schooners were 4-of-11 (36 percent) from the foul line and the Mariners 1-of-4 (25 percent).

Girls basketball

Medomak 7th 31, Camden-Rockport 18

At Camden Jan. 10, the Riverhawks soared past the Schooners to a 13-point win. Medomak led 6-5, 14-6 and 22-12 at the quarter breaks.

Quinn Overlock scored 14 points for Medomak, while Emily Prock added six; Madi Simmons, five; Addison McCormick, four; and Ana Underhill, two.

Molly Hixon scored seven points for Camden-Rockport, while Gabby Genthner added five; and Molly Shook, Hannah Christie and Lauren Howland, two.

Medomak 8th 41, Troy Howard 6

At Waldoboro Jan. 8, the Riverhawks scored the first 16 points and surged past the Lions.

Autumn Ripley tallied eight points for Medomak, while Alyssa Creamer added seven; Morgan Flanders, six; Genevieve Thimlar and Baylee Stewart, four; and Khyllie Cochran, Zaniah Puchalski, Grace White, Julia Kunesh, Autumn Boody, and Brianna Fyler, two.

Madison Shorey, Anna Shortz and Kaydee Pearse scored two points for Troy Howard.

Medomak 7th 40, Troy Howard 19

At Belfast Jan. 8, the Riverhawks outscored the Lions in each stanza en route to victory. Medomak led 11-6, 19-8 and 30-13 at the quarter breaks.

Madilyn Simmons scored 13 points for Medomak, while Quinn Overlock added eight; Addison McCormick, six; Rachel Readinger, three; and Ana Underhill, Skylah Ward, Chelsea Sykes, Emily Prock and Madison Greenrose, two.

Madison Goodwin keyed Troy Howard with eight points, while Jackie Batty added three and Natalie Hamlin, Elizabeth Riley, Julia Littlefield and Brynne Sawyer, two.

Oceanside 8th 25, Camden-Rockport 20

At Camden Jan. 3, the Mariners blanked the Schooners in the first quarter and surged past the host en route to the win. Oceanside led 4-0, 12-4 and 15-11 at the quarter breaks.

Anna Campbell scored 12 points for the Mariners, while Syd Gamage added five and Jasmyn Beavory and Kelsey Campbell four.

Olivia Ogier scored 10 points for the Schooners, while Lauren Schenk added seven; Lillia Stone, two; and Tess Jalbuena-Cook, one.

Oceanside was 1-of-3 (33 percent) from the foul line and Camden-Rockport 2-of-12 (17 percent).

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