A Bowdoin man charged with two counts of aggravated assault for twice attacking a woman in St. George in late 2016 is in jail after he failed to show up for his scheduled jury trial last month.

Jason D. Patterson, 45, was arrested in Florida and extradited back to Maine. He was brought to the Knox County Jail in Rockland Sunday, Jan. 14, and is being held in lieu of $10,000 cash bail.

Patterson's jury trial was scheduled for Dec. 6, but he failed to show at the courthouse in Rockland.

He had earlier requested a delay in the trial, saying his father-in-law was gravely ill and that he and his family were now living in Florida. The judge rejected the request.

His attorney, Evan Smith, of Brunswick, was given permission by the court Jan. 3 to withdraw as counsel for the defendant. Smith said in a motion filed with the court that he had advised Patterson of his need to be at the court for jury selection, but that his client said he would not because of the illness of the father-in-law. Patterson also ignored advice from the attorney after the court issued an arrest warrant for him.

The District Attorney's Office has filed a new charge of failure to appear against Patterson.

The original charges of aggravated assault allege he assaulted a woman in St. George in November 2016. A flashlight was used in that assault, according to court papers.

And two weeks later, he was accused of assaulting the same woman, who he injured "under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life."

David Paris has been appointed as Patterson's third attorney in less than a year. Smith had been appointed in April 2017 after Patterson failed to pay attorney Philip Cohen of Waldoboro, whom Patterson had retained on his own.

In agreeing to appoint Paris, Justice Bruce Mallonee ruled that Patterson could not get any additional new attorneys.