Warning: Governor’s race around the corner

Finally it’s here; 2018, the year we get another chance to get the election process right. Well, it would be a lot easier if our current state administration would enact our wish to have ranked-choice voting. But still, we can avoid a split vote if we better organize our voting efforts.

Here’s what I’m doing to get an early start and stay organized through the election cycle.

I’m going to pick a candidate and get behind them. They don’t have to be affiliated with a political party, but mine is. So, I’m going to get behind that party and participate in party events. I am especially going to be certain to go out for my party’s caucus; to be sure my candidate gets my vote. I am going to stay informed as campaigns progress, develop my own understanding of campaign topics and share my understanding with peers.

There’s a lot at stake for Maine’s future. We need a future with better choices for health care insurance, better choices for clean and affordable energy, better choices for public lands and better choices for managing opioid addiction. There’s a lot at stake for Maine’s future and I want a governor who will make the right choices for all Mainers.

Mike Kerzee


Snow removal reminder

I write to commend the men and women of the Rockland Public Works Department for their work at clearing sidewalks of snow in our fair city. Unlike in years past when it could be days – and sometimes never – for pedestrian ways to be cleared, this year the crews are at it seemingly as soon as the streets are cleared. I am an advocate for a walkable town, and this is hard to achieve without clear paths of travel. So thank you.

I will remind those who plow snow, be they homeowners or commercial drivers, that it is illegal to pile snow on any public way, including sidewalks. Doing so makes it harder for city crews to remove it, and may result in the breakdown of these machines, machines that our tax dollars pay for. Please take a little extra care to make sure you are piling snow properly – it’s cheaper than a fine or a repair bill.

Gerald Weinand