During the blizzard of Jan. 4, one local restaurant stayed open all night to give plow drivers, utility workers, EMS, police and fire crews a place to warm up and grab a bite to eat.

While most every other business closed, Bella Gia's in Waldoboro remained open.

"We served around 15 plow crew, police, tow truck and utility crew guys," Jeremey Miller, part-owner, said.

The restaurant's Facebook page noted, "Thank you guys for all you do for our town, county and state during these storms."

"This is the least we can do for all of you keeping our community safe, our power on and our roads maintained." Dawn O'Brien Howlett, another part-owner, said,

This was the third time Bella Gia's remained open all night to give emergency crews a place to warm up and eat.

"They are so nice and helpful to the community," Select Board Chairman Clint Collamore said.