The Rockport Fire Department received a call on Jan. 4 of a confirmed structure fire at 54 West St. Ext. at approximately 4:30 p.m. The property owner had called 911 and indicated that the back of his home was on fire. He said that he and his two children were outside and safe.

Fortunately there were eight fire fighters at the Rockport Fire Station at the time of the call, as a result of having cleared a tree fire earlier in the afternoon.

"We were able to get all four trucks out the door and en route within four minutes," said Fire Chief Jason Peasley. "Car 1 and Fire Engine 23 arrived on scene first. I had to plow the end of the driveway out as it hadn’t been plowed yet this year. Firefighters pulled two handle lines of Engine 23 and one went in the front door."

Off-duty Rockland firefighter Tom Shook assisted with putting water on the rear of the home, where the majority of the fire was, until additional firefighters arrived.

"We were able to knock the fire down and get it in control within 12 minutes," said Peasley. "We conducted overhaul having to pull the ceiling down to get to some additional fire in a small crawl space. We used foam on the area of the fire to ensure there would be no rekindling. Rockport firefighters did a great job knocking the fire down with the 30-plus MPH winds and snow."

Although Rockland, Hope and Camden fire departments were initially called because the fire was located outside of the hydrant district, the quick response by the Rockport firefighters allowed for the members from the three additional departments to return to their stations.