The mat athletes of Medomak Valley and Oceanside have tossed, turned and knotted one another several times this season, and, Friday, Dec. 29, presented the third — and final opportunity —  for 2017 in the Winter Classic hosted by Maine Central Institute.

The Midcoast teams realized success, as did individuals from the squads, as five mat athletes from Medomak Valley, and three from Oceanside took home top-four finishes.

Panther wrestlers to finish in the top four included: Elias Miller (2nd at 160), Elijah Lash (3rd at 182), Josh MacDougal (4th at 106), Tyler Cox (4th at 170) and Amos Hinkley (4th at 195).

Mariner wrestlers to finish among the top four included: Carter Fogarty (2nd at 106), Alex Fogarty (2nd at 138) and Michael Yates (2nd at 170). The Fogartys are brothers.

The team scores included: Oxford Hills of South Paris 149, Erskine Academy of South China 95, Mount Blue of Farmington/Spruce Mountain of Jay 78.5, Morse of Bath/Wiscasset 77.5, Medomak Valley 65, Dirigo of Dixfield 60, Bucksport 57, Westbrook/Gorham 57, Maine Central Institute 56, Oceanside 52, Cheverus of Portland 50, Mount View of Thorndike 43, Scarborough 43, Madison 38, Caribou 23, Falmouth 10 and Buckfield and Hermon no score.

The individual results for Medomak Valley and Oceanside wrestlers included:

106 pounds — Josh MacDougal, Med, pinned Jake Emond, EA, at 2:26; was pinned by Jagger Bullen, MtB/SM, at 0:48; pinned Colby Currier, MCI, at 1:27; and was pinned by Jake Emond, EA, at 4:08. MacDougal finished fourth.

Carter Fogarty, Ocean, pinned Gabby Taylor, West/Gor, at 1:03; pinned Rylee Saucier, Car, at 0:45; lost by technical fall, 17-0, to Jagger Bullen, MtB/SM. Fogarty finished second.

113 pounds — Gavin Readinger, Med, lost by major decision, 13-5, to Anunthaya MacDonnell, Fal, in a pigtail match.

120 pounds — Marshall Sawyer, Med, pinned Hunter Nile, MtB/SM, at 2:53; was pinned by Connor McNish, Mor/Wis, at 1:11; and was pinned by Marcus Lawson, West/Gor, at 0:34.

126 pounds — Colby Hyde, Med, pinned Christina Scott, MtB/SM, at 0:34; was pinned by Jaden David, OxH, at 0:12; and lost 2-0 to Gage Henderson, EA.

132 pounds — Emily Harris, Med, was pinned by James Dewalt, Ocean, at 0:50 in pigtail match.

James Dewalt, Ocean, pinned Emily Harris, Med, at 0:50 in a pigtail match; was pinned by Josh Savage, Mad, at 2:56; and was pinned by Cole Steeves, MCI, at 3:34.

138 pounds — Damien Henry, Med, was pinned by Gaige Kindlimann, Mor/Wis, at 1:04; and lost by majority decision, 11-2, to Damien Martin, OxH.

Alex Fogarty, Ocean, won by majority decision, 14-0, over Sam Leishman, Scar; pinned Cory Jandreau, Car, at 2:59; and lost by majority decision, 22-9, to Mark Ward, MtV. Fogarty finished second.

145 pounds — Wilhelmenia O’Brien, Ocean, was pinned by Kaden DeMerchant, Car, at 0:25.

160 pounds — Elias Miller, Med, pinned Richard Perkins, Buck, at 1:59; beat Sam Stonier, Mor/Wis, 5-4; and was pinned by Dawson Stevens, OxH, at 3:50. Miller finished second.

170 pounds — Tyler Cox, Med, beat Jimmy Archer, MtB/SM, 6-2; was pinned by Jason Paradis, OxH, at 1:20; beat Matthew Barnard, MtV, 6-3; pinned Scott Christiansen, EA, at 0:34; and was pinned by Paradis, OxH, at 0:59. Cox finished fourth.

Michael Yates, Ocean, pinned Jarren Rogers, Scar, at 2:24; beat Barnard, MtV, 8-4; beat Paradis, OxH, 6-4; and lost to Teigan Lindstedt, Chev., 5-2. Yates finished second.

182 pounds — Elijah Lash, Med, pinned April Coleman, Buck, at 0:11; lost to Justin Browne, EA, 8-2; pinned Chase Nelson, Dir, at 0:56; and pinned John Howard, MtB/SM, at 2:52. Lash finished third.

195 pounds — Amos Hinkley, Med, pinned Will Gordon, Chev, at 1:07; lost by major decision to Dalton Berry, Dir., 12-3; pinned Evan Clark, MCI, at 0:33; and lost to Ihsan Myers, Mor/Wis, 9-2.

Cody Ward, Ocean, pinned Noah Miller, EA, at 1:46 in a pigtail match; was pinned by Dalton Berry, Dir, at 1:42; pinned Will Gordon, Chev, at 3:32; and was pinned by Myers, Mor/Wis, at 2:04. Hinkley finished fourth.

220 pounds — Jake White, Med, was pinned by Sean Sullivan, Chev, at 5:59; pinned Mason Smith, Car, at 2:55; and was pinned by Jarrod Taylor, OxH, at 2:08.

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