With the young student-athletes now on holiday break, Midcoast Busline League middle school basketball teams battled on the court for precious victories in recent weeks.

The league's large school division is comprised of Medomak of Waldoboro, Oceanside of Rockland/Thomaston, Camden-Rockport, Troy Howard of Belfast, Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta and Boothbay.

The league's small school division includes North Haven, Hope, Islesboro, Searsport, St. George, Lincolnville, Appleton, Vinalhaven, Camden-Rockport, Nobleboro, Wiscasset, Jefferson, Bristol and Woolwich.

Click for middle school girls basketball photos from this season.

Click for middle school boys basketball photos from this season.

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Coaches can report results to Courier Publications/VillageSoup by emailing game information or by sending photos, taken by a smartphone, of the home and away books, to sports@courierpublicationsllc.com. Results also can be reported by calling 594-4401, extension 116.

The following is a recap of recently-reported results:

Boys basketball

Medomak 7th 57, Great Salt Bay 53

At Waldoboro Dec. 20, the Riverhawks soared to a hard-fought win over the Cougars. The two squads were tied 10-10 after the first quarter, while Medomak led 28-25 at halftime and 42-35 after three quarters.

Kevin Sincyr netted 18 points for Medomak, while Blake Morrison added 11; Finn Parmley, seven; Matt Holbrook, six; Will Cheeseman, four; and Connor Light, Hayden Staples, Gavin Clark, Jaiden Starr and Gairlin Bedenik, two.

Jack Duncan poured in 27 points, while Lucas Houghton and Casey Duncan added eight; Nolan Gilbert and Connor McFarland, four; and Carson Hallowell, two.

Medomak 8th 58, Great Salt Bay 51

At Damariscotta Dec. 20, the Riverhawks rose to the occasion and bested the Cougars by seven points. The two squads were tied 10-10 after the first quarter, while Medomak led 26-20 at halftime and 49-34 after three quarters.

Trevor Brown scored 18 points for the ‘Hawks, while Isaak Hynd added 13; Jake Bickmore, 10; Addison Mellor and Garrett Hutchins, five; and Noah Ludwig, Colby Brown and Ryan Jarvis, two.

Patrick McKenney scored 28 points, while Cedar Cannon added nine; Nick Prior, eight; Garrett Day, five; and Gavin Dolloff, one.

Camden-Rockport 69, Bristol ‘B’ 24

At Camden Dec. 20, the Schooners sailed to a lopsided win over the Blue Devils. Camden-Rockport led 22-10, 50-14 and 62-18 at the quarter breaks.

Joah Thompson pumped in 29 points to pace Camden-Rockport, while Ben Schenk added 16; Jason Seetar, 12; and Noah Thackeray and Carlton Richard, six.

For Bristol (first names were unavailable), A. Bryant scored 12 points, while while A. Seiders and B. Kelsey added six.

Troy Howard 8th 52, Boothbay 29

At Boothbay Dec. 13, the Lions roared past the Wildcats. Troy Howard led 11-5 after the first quarter, while Boothbay led 19-16 at halftime. Troy Howard led 33-24 after three quarters.

Zepherin Leppanen netted 17 points for Troy Howard, while Jacoby Grotton added nine; Jonah Lovejoy and Hunter Maresh, six; Nick Ritchie, five; Miles Cannon, four; Zack Armstrong and Rien Washington, two; and Elias Howard, one.

Moses Allen scored six points for Boothbay, while Grant Swope, Matt Sullivan and Lucas Hardwick added five; Sam Page, four; and AShten McLellan and Nase Lawless, two.

The Lions were 12-of-20 (60 percent) from the foul line, while the Wildcats were 7-of-19 (37 percent).

Oceanside 7th 61, Great Salt Bay 30

At Thomaston Dec. 11, the Mariners made quick work of the visiting Cougars. Oceanside led 21-6, 32-13 and 53-22 at the quarter breaks.

Alex Collins scored 10 points for Oceanside, while Hayden Jacques added nine; Alex Bartlett and Duncan Natale, eight; Jasob Leclerc and Noah Burns, six; Rhys Jones, five; Liam Borter, Logan Brazier, Gage McIntyre and Isaiah Meklin, two; and Andrew Gehouskey, one.

Jack Duncan scored 10 points for Great Salt Bay, while Lucas Houghton added seven; Gabe Hagar and Casey Duncan, five; and Connor McFarland, three.

The Mariners were 7-of-14 (50 percent) from the foul line, while the Cougars were 7-of-16 (44 percent).

Medomak 7th 54, Boothbay 48

At Boothbay Dec. 11, the Riverhawks netted a six-point win over the Wildcats. Medomak led 13-10, 25-19 and 41-33 at the quarter breaks.

Kevin Sincyr and Will Cheesman each scored 14 points for Medomak, while Hayden Staples added eight; Finn Parmley, seven; Blake Morrison, five; Ivan Murphy, four; and Isaac Simmons, two.

Ames scored 20 points for Boothbay, while Meader added 12; Barter, nine; Wenners, five; and Barelay, two.

Medomak coach Pat Delahanty said “Tucker Holgerson, Noah Lawrence, Gavin Clark and Matthew Holbrook contributed second half defensive minutes while, Wyatt Simmons, Gaitlin Bedenik and Connor Light provided assistance on both ends of the floor.”

Medomak 8th 56, Boothbay 41

At Waldoboro Dec. 11, the Riverhawks bested the Wildcats by a 15-point margin. Medomak led 25-2, 37-16 and 51-33 at the quarter breaks.

Jake Bickmore scored 19 points for Medomak, while Trevor Brown added 17; Isaak Hynd, eight; Garrett Hutchins, five; Connor Daigle, Colby Brown and Dominic Athearn, two; and Noah Ludwig, one.

Nase Lawless scored 10 points for Boothbay, while Moses Allen and Grant Swope added eight; Matt Sullivan, five; Ashton McLellan, four; and Lucas Hardwick, Sam Page and Henry Currier, two.

Camden-Rockport 42, Troy Howard 33

At Belfast Dec. 11, the Schooners sailed to a nine-point win over the Lions. Camden-Lockport led 10-8 after the first quarter, while Troy Howard rallied to take a 21-17 lead at halftime. Camden-Rockport then retook a 29-28 lead after three quarters.

Ryan Clifford scored 14 points for Camden-Rockport, while Addison Castellano added 10; Caleb Sabanty, seven; Aiden O’Connell, four; Adrian Pierce, three; and Willy Doehla and Ezra LeMole, two.

Zepherin Leppanen scored 23 points for Troy Howard, while Jonah Lovejoy added four; Nick Ritchie and Miles Cannon, two; and Westly Dyer and Eli Howard, one.

The Schooners were 12-of-22 (54 percent) from the foul line, while the Lions were 9-of-12 (75 percent).

Girls basketball

Lincolnville 25, St. George 14

At St. George Dec. 20, the Lynx tamed the Dragons en route to an 11-point win.

Breannah Morris led St. George with four points, while Allison Gill, Mya Simmons, Mila Mathiau and Ella Wirkala each added two.

Lili Clement scored eight points for Lincolnville, while Bailey Curtis added six; Kara Andrews, Ava Dube, Roo Boetsch and Grace Moody, two; and Jaden Johnson, one.

St. George coach Angie Vachon was impressed with her team’s play, particularly given its lopsided loss to Lincolnville earlier in the season.

“The Dragons maintained their hustle, worked well together on both sides of the ball and put up a lot of shots,” she said. “The Lynx’s defense is intense as they have a full roster of girls who want to own the ball. The Dragons stayed the course for the full 32 minutes of play, with many substitutions. Gwen Miller has a full on drive with her defense and with her offensive movement, Mya Simmons with her looks for an open teammate and Maisie Mathiau continues to put a spark in the Dragons’ fire with each game.”

Medomak 7th 39, Great Salt Bay 20

At Waldoboro Dec. 20, the Riverhawks netted a 19-point win over the Cougars. Medomak led 12-2, 26-10 and 34-12 at the quarter breaks.

Addison McCormick scored 12 points for the winners, while Quinn Overlock added eight; Trishelle Ames, six; Chelsea Sykes, four; Ana Underhill, three; and Emily Prock and Madilyn Simmons, two.

Maya Cannon and Katerine McKenney each scored 10 points for Great Salt Bay.

Hope 50, Vinalhaven 16

At Hope Dec. 15, the Hawks soared past the islanders by a lopsided score. Hope led 18-4, 31-4 and 46-6 at the quarter breaks.

Mattie Luce netted 15 points for Hope, while Olivia Brown added 13; Mila Bonometti, 10; Kirsten Jones, six; Molly Blemaster, four; and Georgia Heintzman, two.

Myra Mills, Jordan Hoose, Richauna Walker, Ella Turner, Makayla Boody, Audrey Anthony, Kailyn Hufsey and Aubri Hoose each scored two points for Vinalhaven.

St. George 44, Appleton 22

At Appleton Dec. 15, the Dragons doubled up the host Wildcats.

Brennah Morris scored 13 points for St. George, while Mya Simmons added 11; Madison Barbour, 10; Laura Olds, six; and Gwen Miller and Maisie Mathiau, two.

Hayleigh Martz scored 12 points for Appleton, while Madison Pascal added five; Corclelia Williams, four; and Miranda Maxwell, one.

“This game was a rough and tumble affair with fouls galore as both teams where aggressive to the ball, driven to score and stopping those opportunities,” said St. George coach Angie Vachon. “Gwen Miller did a fantastic job causing jump balls, Breannah Morris, Laura Olds and Ella Wirkala stayed big underneath with many rebounds for their team.”

Camden-Rockport 7th 48, Great Salt Bay 37

At Damariscotta Dec. 13, the Schooners netted an 11-point win over the Cougars. Camden-Rockport led 18-5, 25-15 and 35-27 at the quarter breaks.

Ella Graffam scored 15 points for Camden-Rockport, while Molly Hixon added 13; Mae Dostie, five; Molly Shook and Hannah Christie, four; Lauren Howland, Bella Bousum and Lucy Cohn, two; and Kyra Anderson, one.

Maya Cannon scored 22 points for Great Salt Bay.

The Schooners were 4-of-8 (50 percent) from the foul line, while the Cougars were 5-of-10 (50 percent).

Camden-Rockport 36, Troy Howard 14

At Belfast Dec. 11, the Schooners navigated past the host Lions. Camden-Rockport led 10-4, 18-4 and 22-8 at the quarter breaks.

Olivia Ogier scored 11 points for the winners, while Lauren Schenk added 10; Alivia Kurr, six; Tess Jalbuena-Cook, five; and Aiden Pike, four.

Lexi Hopkins scored eight points for Troy Howard, while Kaydee Pearse added four and Hailey Libby two.

Camden-Rockport was 4-of-12 from the foul line, while Troy Howard did not attempt a free throw.

St. George 42, Searsport 11

At St. George Dec. 11, the Dragons tamed the visiting Vikings.

Mya Simmons scored 14 points for St. George, while Maggie Gill and Mila Mathiau added six; Laura Olds, Allison Gill and Breannah Morris, four; and Maisie Miller and Gwen Miller, two.

Anna Lang, Kyla Perkins and Kaylee Henderson each scored two points for Searsport and Laura Warman one.

“The Dragons continue to improve over the short season so far,” said St. George coach Angie Vachon. “The Searsport girls played tough against a barrage of Dragon fouls in the first quarter. The Vikings did well getting the ball up the court and held tight to the ball on possession change opportunities, but the St. George defense was tough to break through.”

Vachon said Mila Mathiau “continues with her focused on-ball defense,” Mya Simmons displayed “quickness and fearless drives to the hoop,” Madison Barbour “had a great game defensively with quick hands” and Maisie Mathiau “had a quick interception to add to the excitement of today’s game.”

Medomak 8th 45, Boothbay 41

At Waldoboro Dec. 11, The ‘Hawks held on to best the Wildcats by four points. Boothbay led 16-2 after the first quarter and 27-14 at halftime, while Medomak led 37-32 after three quarters.

Autumn Ripley scored 11 points for Medomak, while Grace White added nine; Baylee Stewart and Alyssa Creamer, eight; Khyllie Cochran, four; Julia Kunesh, two; and Autumn Boody, one.

Jaelyn Crocker scored 28 points for Boothbay, while Mara Gentry added six; Emilie Crocker, three; and Jazmine Balducci and Kathryn-Emma Hibbard, two.

Camden-Rockport 7th 45, Troy Howard 26

At Camden Dec. 8, the Schooners sailed past the visiting Lions. Camden-Rockport led 15-13, 27-17 and 39-18 at the quarter breaks.

Ella Graffam scored 11 points for Camden-Rockport, while Molly Shook added 10; Molly Nixon, eight; Mae Dostie, six; and Hannah Christie, Addie Cortese, Kyra Anderson, Kayla Paparello and Gabby Genthner, two.

Natalie Hamlin scored six points for Troy Howard, while Madison Goodwin and Jillian Hashey added four; Julia Littlefield and Stella Collins, three; and Hannah King, Audra Faulkingham and Jackie Batty, two.

St. George 60, North Haven 11

At North Haven Dec. 8, the Dragons netted a lopsided win over the host Hawks.

May Simmons led St. George with a 22-point effort, while Allison Gill and Brennah Morris added 10; Gwen Miller and Ella Wirkala, six; and Madison Barbour and Amelia Murdock, two.

Hannah White netted all 11 points for North Haven.

Hope 56, St. George 11

At St. George Dec. 6, the Hawks soared past the host Dragons.

Mattie Luce led Hope with 19 points, while Ella Powers added 17; Olivia Brown, 11; Sophie Ryan, Kersten Jones and Mila Bonometti, two; and Tessa Whitley, one.

Mila Mathiau, Ella Wirkala, Laura Olds and Maggie Gill each scored two points for St. George and May SImmons, Brennah Morris and Allison Gill one.

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