Land use vote at town meeting

A special town meeting will take place Wednesday, Dec. 27, at 7 p.m. in the Bryant Room of the Gibbs Library to act on some year-end items. There will be votes on whether to start Fire Truck and Fire Equipment Reserve Funds, install a new generator at the town garage, and enact changes in the Washington Land Use Ordinance. The land-use issue would add conditions to the ordinance on mineral (rock) processing. The entire text of the Dec. 27 warrant is on the town website, The town website is a great resource for information on Select Board meetings, announcements, all the ordinances and more.

Holiday concert

Once again Harborside Harmony gave a well-rounded concert to our town and smiles to all the audience. This women’s barbershop chorus has performed here for several years now, and is a holiday favorite. We send out thanks to Washington Historical Society for sponsoring the concert, the Village Church and Pastor Brad for their hospitality, the singers of Harborside Harmony and the wonderful folks who turned out.

Meditation group every Thursday

Group meditation meets in the Bryant Room of the library Thursday mornings at 7:30 a.m. Bring whichever meditative practice you choose for this intentional time of sitting physically and mentally quiet. Sitting quietly in a group can amplify feelings of peace, sense of self, community and connectedness to life. On a practical level, it reinforces an individual’s commitment to daily meditation, which is a special gift only you can give yourself. Everybody is welcome.

Burning permits

Snow on the ground opens the possibility of daytime outdoor fires, but they still must be permitted. All outdoor fires, regardless of size, require the burn operator to have a written burning permit on their person at the time and place of the fire. Fires for cooking, warming, burning brush, grass, debris or incinerators all fall into this category. Fire Chief Phil Meunier has subscribed our town to, where permits are available free of charge. Note that the website only allows permits after 5 p.m., so when it’s raining or the ground is covered with snow, we have to contact Deputy Fire Warden Ken Boisse at 845-2525 to get the permit. The full list of conditions for obtaining a permit are on the town website under “How do I. . . Get a Fire Permit?”

Gibbs book club

Kathleen Gross, communicator for the book club, reports that last week’s meeting was small, but readers had a variety of responses to the book, “The God of Small Things.” The story was quite a magical tale and offered insights into a different culture. The next book, "Mountains Beyond Mountains," by Tracy Kidder, will be discussed at the next meeting, Thursday, Jan. 18. Copies are available at the library.

Christmas tree donated

The pretty Christmas tree in our village center by the monument was donated by Lowell Freiman. Thank you, Lowell!

Sugar plum memory

‘Tis the season for "The Nutcracker" ballet and for sure it’s making the rounds here in the area. Quite a few years ago now, when my four granddaughters were around 8 years old, we took them to a live performance. They were excited for this special treat in a big theater with a professional troupe, full orchestra, fancy costumes and all. Our seats were just in front of the four girls. It was such a joy to turn around and see them enjoying it so attentively and smiling so big. Then came the surprising peek that saw them all fast asleep in their seats – victims of the long day, too-warm theater, and lilting music. When the applause began, they awoke and joined the clapping without missing a beat.

Merry Christmas, everyone!