Bianca Brancella said the turn of events that occurred Wednesday has touched her heart and given her hope.

Brancella said the past few months have been difficult. Her fiance Christopher Tait was injured on Oct. 23 and has been unable to return to his job.

She said his income was the foundation of their household and that her part-time job at Pizza Hut in Rockland helped to buy extras.

On Wednesday, Dec. 20, she was working a day shift at Pizza Hut when she waiting on a table with two men. She said she nor anyone at the restaurant knew who the customers were.

One of the men asked if she was ready for Christmas and commented on what a good waitress she was.

When they had finished their meal, he paid the bill in cash and told Brancella that there was an extra $200 tip for her.

The Rockland woman said she was overcome by emotions and hugged the man.

She said when she told co-workers they also became choked up because they knew of her situation.

"I was shocked. The timing is what touched my heart," she said.

That night, she went to T.J. Maxx with her fiance to buy some gifts for family members. As she was standing in aisle, Christopher whispered to her that actor John Travolta was standing next to her.

She said she hesitantly asked Travolta, who has a home on Islesboro, if she could get a picture with him. She said he was very gracious and used her phone to take a picture of the three together. She said they talked briefly about Christmas shopping before they parted ways.

Brancella said she hopes that her story will give hope to other people.