Whether on the islands or off them, Midcoast high school basketball squads eyed early-season wins on Friday through Tuesday morning, Dec. 15-19, a scenario that proved a fruitful venture for the North Haven boys and Vinalhaven girls.

The Hawk boys picked up a weekend road sweep over Greater Portland Christian, as did the Viking girls in a pair of home wins over Valley of Bingham.

The Viking boys also lost a pair of games to the Cavaliers, while the Oceanside girls also fell to Mount Desert Island of Bar Harbor in a close affair.

The North Haven boys and girls were then swept in a pair of games by host Rangeley in contests Monday night and Tuesday morning.

The following is a recap of reported results:

Boys basketball

Rangeley 82, North Haven 37

At Rangeley Dec. 19, the Lakers netted their second win in as many games with a triumph over the hawks. Rangeley led 19-10, 38-18 and 67-23 at the quarter breaks.

Brandon Brown tossed in 14 points for the Hawks, while Tyrese Edwards added 13; Peyton Cooper, four; and Sean Haskell, Marten Dunn and Arnd Metzdorf, two.

Kyle LaRochelle netted 26 points for the Lakers, while Hunter Parsons added 15; Kenny Thompson, 13; Ian Lillis, 10. Boden Washington, Leo Perez, Callahan Crosby and Will Brey, four; and Levi Pitt, two.

The Hawks were 2-of-5 (40 percent) from the foul line and the Lakers 4-of-9 (44 percent).

Rangeley 69, North Haven 37

At Rangeley Dec. 18, the Lakers held the Hawks to one first-quarter field goal and surged past the visitors to victory. Rangeley led 19-2, 39-10 and 58-22 at the quarter breaks.

Brandon Brown scored 12 points for the islanders, while Sean Haskell added nine; Tyrese Edwards, seven; Peyton Cooper, three; and Austin Gonzales and Marten Dunn, two.

Kyle LaRochelle scored 20 points for the Lakers, while Will Brey added eight; Kenny Thompson and Hunter Parsons, seven; Levi Pitt and Leo Perez, six; Ian Lillis and Boden Washington, four; Hunter Lowell, three; and Callahan Crosby and Gaige Savage, two.

Both Rangeley and North Haven were 2-of-4 (50 percent) from the foul line.

North Haven 63, Greater Portland Christian 31

At Saco Dec. 16, the Hawks pulled away from the Lions over the final three stanzas and prevailed by 32 points. North Haven led 14-11, 31-21 and 45-23 at the quarter breaks.

Tyrese Edwards and Vincent Colvnio each scored 17 points for the winners, while Brandon Brown tallied 12; Sean Haskell, seven; Colby Beverage, six; and Peyton Cooper, four.

Mason Jones led GPC with 21 points, while Owen Mann added four and Paul Tran and Calvin Patterson two.

The Hawks were 7-of-17 (41 percent) from the foul line, while the Lions were 1-of-12 (8 percent).

Valley 61, Vinalhaven 37

At Vinalhaven Dec. 16, the Cavaliers held the islanders scoreless in the final stanza and pulled away for the victory. Valley led 12-10, 29-22 and 45-37 at the quarter breaks.

Mikael Stone scored 13 points for Vinalhaven, while Tim Farrelly and Joe Hopkins added seven; Elijah Ames, five; Keon Arey, three; and Hunter Ames, two.

Dillon Beane scored 16 points for Valley, while Josh Brown and Joey Thomas added 14 and Spencer Hunnewell and Mason Wyman five.

The Vikings were 6-of-10 (60 percent) from the foul line and the Cavaliers 7-of-10 (70 percent).

North Haven 57, Greater Portland Christian 48

At Saco Dec. 15, the Hawks built an early lead and maintained it over the full 32 minutes en route to victory. North Haven led 22-10, 35-19 and 45-29 at the quarter breaks.

Brandon Brown scored 19 points for North Haven, while Vincent Colvnio added 16; Colby Beverage, 11; Tyrese Edwards, five; Peyton Cooper, four; and Sean Haskell, two.

Mason Jones poured in 39 points for GPC, while Calvin Patterson, Paul Tran and Kaleb Reagan added three.

The Hawks were 6-of-9 (67 percent) from the foul line, while the Lions were 4-of-5 (80 percent).

Valley 65, Vinalhaven 26

At Vinalhaven Dec. 15, the Cavaliers bested the Vikings by a lopsided score. Valley led 8-5, 21-16 and 47-18 at the quarter breaks.

Keon Arey paced the islanders with nine points, while Mikael Stone added seven and Hunter Ames, Mark Augusto, Jack Day, Joe Hopkins and Mitchell Hopkins, two.

Joey Thomas led the Cavaliers with 17 points, while Zack Walter and Dillon Beane added 12 and Mason Wyman, Josh Brown and Keegan Farnham six.

Vinalhaven was 4-of-6 (67 percent) from the charity stripe, while Valley was 2-of-2 (100 percent).

Girls basketball

Rangeley 81, North Haven 16

At Rangeley Dec. 19, the Lakers went on the offensive and bested the Hawks by a lopsided score. Rangeley led 23-5, 44-8 and 61-10 at the quarter breaks.

Mercedes Sparhawk scored nine points for North Haven, while Sierra Koerber-Marx added four and Layla Sparhawk three.

Emily Eastlack scored 15 points for Rangeley, while Brooke Egan and Natasha Haley added 12; Lauren Eastlack, Vanessa Bisson and Winnie LaRochelle, eight; Olivia Pye, six; Ellah Smith and Amber Morrill, four; and Kylie Collins, two.

The Hawks were 2-of-8 (25 percent) from the foul line, while the Lakers were 6-of-8 (75 percent).

Rangeley 76, North Haven 17

At Rangeley Dec. 18, the Hawks left little to doubt as they emerged with a triumph over the islanders. Rangeley led 8-5, 36-9 and 58-11 at the quarter breaks.

Mercedes Sparhawk and Laya Sparhawk each scored six points for North Haven, while Irene Prescott and Kaylee added two and Sierra Koerber-Marx one.

Brooke Egan scored 17 points for Rangeley, while Natasha Haley added 11; Lauren Eastlack, 10; Emily Eastlack and Winnie LaRochelle, eight; Vanessa Bisson, seven; Amber Morrill, six; Olivia Pye, five; and Kylie Collins, four.

The Lakers were 10-of-18 (56 percent) from the foul line, while the Hawks were 3-of-12 (25 percent).

Vinalhaven 60, Valley 29

At Vinalhaven Dec. 16, the islanders went on a 23-2 run in the second quarter and pulled away from the visiting Cavaliers. Vinalhaven led 14-11, 37-13 and 55-19 at the quarter breaks.

Ashlyn Littlefield scored 19 points for the Vikings, while Gilleyanne Davis-Oakes added 13; Déja Doughty, 11; Paige Dennison, five; and Hannah Newton, Amber Shane, Shyanne Warren, Corey Lazaro, Justice Grant and Cheyenne Bickford, two.

Lexi Davis scored nine points for the Cavaliers, while Kendra Sweet and Rianna Davis added six; Kennedy Savoy, four; and Belle Farnham and Cylee Pratt, two.

Vinalhaven converted 1-of-8 (12 percent) attempts from the foul line, while Valley netted 4-of-9 (44 percent).

Vinalhaven 57, Valley 19

At Vinalhaven Dec. 15, the islanders surged past the Cavaliers with ease. Vinalhaven led 19-3, 35-14 and 56-14 at the quarter breaks.

Déja Doughty scored 15 points for the defending state Class D champions, while Gilleyanne Davis-Oakes and Paige Dennison added 10; Ashlyn Littlefield and Cheyenne Bickford, seven; and Hannah Newton and Amber Shane, four.

Jillian Miller and Lexi Davis scored six points for Valley, while Kendra Sweet added three and Victoria Beane and Kennedy Savoy two.

The Vikings were 6-of-8 (75 percent) from the foul line, while the Cavaliers were 3-of-10 (30 percent).

Mount Desert Island 61, Oceanside 59

At Bar Harbor Dec. 16, the Trojans erased an early deficit and bested the Mariners in a back-and-forth affair. Oceanside led 19-6 after the first quarter, while MDI led 31-28 at halftime. Oceanside retook a 47-40 edge after three quarters.

Gabby Simmons paced Oceanside with 18 points, while Raechel Joyce added 15; Hannah Moholland, 10; Hope Butler and Kassidy Robinson, five; Chloe Jones, three; and Sara Dorr, two.

Robinson also pulled down nine rebounds, while Buttler added five boards and Simmons six assists and four caroms.

Georgia Candage tossed in 22 points for the Trojans, while Maddy Good added 11; Emily Banks and Julia Watras, 10; Rachelle Swanson, five; and Hannah Chamberlain, three.

Oceanside was 11-of-19 (58 percent) from the foul line, while MDI was 3-of-7 (43 percent).

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