Elizabeth Ames Krause, 60, known as “Buffy,” passed away both tragically and unexpectedly Sept. 8, 2017.

Buffy was fair-minded, big-hearted, a little rough around the edges, and at times, honest to the point of making the more timid around her cringe. One always knew where Buffy stood, and those who truly knew her treasured her for her honesty, even when it hurt.

Born June 7, 1957, in Tarrytown, N.Y., to Frank D. Lackey III and Elizabeth C. Lackey, Buffy was soon joined by brother John and then sister Carolyn. She went on from Dana Hall School to graduate from Simmons College with a dual degree in communications and sociology. Buffy then moved to Cape Cod, where she loved to fish and socialize with the seasonal beach campers. Settling in North Truro, Mass., she became a mainstay, working for a local insurance agency, and became close with many of the locals.

After 12 years, she left her beloved dunes for the rocky coast of Maine and soon after met her husband of 25 years, Alexander Krause. Known as “Lexi,” he would sweep her off to his home on Monhegan Island, where Buffy soon gave birth to twin boys, Cooper Teal and Orion Ames.

Next, the Krauses moved to Rockport, where Buffy became active in school matters, as well as multiple social circles.

Buffy was always dedicated to all her interests, in particular, the raising of her two sons, and caring for her "three boys," as she put it. Her love for her sons never wavered, from the knowledge of their conception, to the last seconds of her life. They were and still are the brightest stars in her galaxy.

Buffy loved walks with friends, gardening, cooking, playing and watching tennis — and better yet, watching tennis while cooking!

For the last 10 years, Buffy, known as "Ms. Elizabeth," was able, through her highly dedicated work with the Sunshine Lady Foundation, to fully engage her humanitarian values and make a difference. She always sided with people who were unlucky or disadvantaged, often just by circumstances of heritage or birth. She admired the honesty and courage of many who applied for assistance: people in dire circumstances who often sent heartfelt thanks for even being considered. Buffy had plans to pass on these people’s stories, in book form, to educate the more affluent in our country in an effective, compassionate and rewarding way to dispel some of the inequalities that clearly surround us today.

Buffy is survived by her devoted husband, Lexi; two sons, Cooper and Orion; as well as a large and loving extended family, and numerous circles of warm and caring friends.

A memorial celebration of Buffy's life will be held in 2018; time and place to be determined. If you see or know of someone in dire need, and could help them out, Buffy would be honored.

To Buffy: we will miss you and always love you, our shining star.