A legal battle is being waged following the closure of the short-lived Walker's Restaurant on Route 1.

Rockport 1075 LLC filed the lawsuit in Knox County Unified Court against Kenneth DePasquale of Ocala, Fla.

The suit alleges breach of fiduciary duties, breach of contract and unjust enrichment against DePasquale.

DePasquale, represented by attorneys Stephen Hanscom and Jamie Levensaler of Rockland, denied those claims in a response filed with the court last month.

Rockport 1075 LLC is represented by attorneys D. Sam Anderson and Conor Shankman of Portland. According to the Maine Secretary of State's Office, the registered agent for Rockport 1075 is Joseph Cloutier.

The lawsuit claims that 1075 Commercial LLC, which was doing business as Walker's Restaurant, was owned equally by Rockport 1075 LLC and DownEast Development LLC.

Pasquale was operating manager of Walker's, but was also manager of DownEast Development, according to the lawsuit.

The operating agreement between Rockport 1075 and DownEast Development restricted DePasquale to committing Walker's to no more than $15,000 in expenses or debt without a vote of the two members. In January 2017, DePasquale entered into a construction contract with McCormick & Associates Inc. that ended up costing $85,186 to renovate the building, according to the lawsuit filed by Rockport 1075. There was no vote allowing those expenses, according to the lawsuit.

DePasquale resigned as operating manager Aug. 10, according to the suit.

The suit further contends that after reviewing financial records following DePasquale's resignation, Rockport 1075 found inconsistencies. The operating agreement required that Rockport 1075 and DownEast Development share equally in expenses, but the suit asserts that DePasquale had committed Rockport 1075 to far more expenses than his DownEast Development.

Contractor McCormick recorded a mechanic's lien on the property totaling $42,214. Rockport 1075 claims it advanced DePasquale $14,000 to go toward the money owed to the contractor, but it was not spent for that purpose.

The restaurant opened in May and closed in September.