The high school basketball season tipped off on Friday and Saturday, Dec. 8-9 as Oceanside, Camden Hills, North Haven and Vinalhaven were in action on the hardwood.

The defending state Class D champion Vinalhaven girls swept a doubleheader with Forest Hills of Jackman, while the Viking boys dropped a pair of games to the Tigers.

Additionally, North Haven teams split contests with Highview Christian of Charleston.

Click for photos from the Lincoln Academy at Camden Hills girls game.

Camden Hills also split with Lincoln Academy of Newcastle, while the Oceanside girls lost to Waterville.

The following is a recap of reported results:


Camden Hills 82, Lincoln Academy 52

At Newcastle Dec. 8, the Windjammers sailed out of the gate and emerged victorious over the Eagles. Camden Hills led 16-7, 43-16 and 61-37 at the quarter breaks.

John Curtin pumped in 21 points to pace Camden Hills, while Noah Heidorn added 15; Daniel Peabody, 13; Michael McGeady, nine; Jesse Fraser, five; Trajan Gilson and Jeremy Fraser, four; Obie Miller and Josh Pearse, three; Michael Kremin and Ionut Lodge, two; and Ethan Ford, one.

Keyden Leeman scored 17 points to lead Lincoln Academy, while Nathan Simmons added 15; Bryce York, five; Sullivan Fink, Jon Pinkham and Joel Hatch, four; and Hao Nhat Mai, three.

The Windjammers were 9-of-16 (56 percent) from the foul line, while the Eagles were 5-of-10 (50 percent).

Highview Christian 43, North Haven 38

At North Haven Dec. 9, the Knights made it a split on the weekend and netted a five-point win. Highview Christian led 14-8 after the first quarter and 27-24 at halftime before North Haven took a 34-32 lead after three quarters.

Brandon Brown scored 14 points for North Haven, while Tyrese Edwards added 10; Peyton Cooper, six; Vincent Colvnio, four; and Colby Beverage and Marten Dunn, two.

Ben Jost scored 20 points for Highview Christian, while David Stanley added 12; TJ Sheldon, nine; and Noah Kepple, two.

The Hawks were 2-of-4 (50 percent) from the foul line, while the Knights were 11-of-20 (55 percent).

North Haven 49, Highview Christian 41

At North Haven Dec. 8, the Hawks netted a six-point win over the Knights. North Haven led 13-7, 23-18 and 35-25 at the quarter breaks.

Vincent Colvnio scored 18 points for the winners, while Brandon Brown added 12; Tyrese Edwards, Peyton Cooper and Colby Beverage, six; and Sean Haskell, two.

David Stanley scored 13 points for Highview Christian, while Ben Jost added 10; Noah Kepple, nine; TJ Sheldon, seven; Lucas Banks, two.

The Hawks were 6-of-11 (54 percent) from the foul line, while the Knights were 11-of-19 (58 percent).


Vinalhaven 77, Forest Hills 24

At Hinkley Dec. 9, the Vikings upended the host Tigers. Vinalhaven led 19-8, 45-15 and 64-17 at the quarter breaks.

Ashlyn Littlefield poured in 25 points for the islanders, while Gilleyanne Davis-Oakes added 22; Paige Dennison, 12; Déja Doughty, eight; Hannah Newton, seven; and Cheyenne Bickford, three.

Alexandra Lessard netted nine points for the Tigers, while Sarah Hoyt added six; Demitria Giroux, three; and Mary-Lee Brown, Miranda Shelley and Catherine Harmon, two.

The Vikings were 10-of-13 (77 percent) from the foul line, while the Tigers were 3-of-12 (25 percent).

Vinalhaven 60, Forest Hills 21

At Hinkley Dec. 8, the defending state Class D champions started the regular season in style with a lopsided win over the Tigers. Vinalhaven led 21-5, 33-10 and 46-13 at the quarter breaks.

Paige Dennison scored 20 points for the Vikings, while Hannah Newton and Cheyenne Bickford each tallied 10; Ashlyn Littlefield, nine; Gilleyanne Davis-Oakes, seven; and Deja Doughty, four.

Alexandra Lessard scored seven points for the Tigers, while Miranda Kelly added four; Demitria Giroux, three; and Taylor Fountaine, two.

Vinalhaven was 6-of-10 (60 percent) from the foul line, while Forest Hills was 3-of-8 (38 percent).

Highview Christian 35, North Haven 34

At North Haven Dec. 9, the Knights prevailed by a single point over the host Hawks. North Haven led 10-8 after the first quarter and 20-18 at halftime, while Highview Christian led 30-26 after three quarters.

Mercedes Sparhawk had 14 points and 14 rebounds for North Haven, while Layla Sparhawk added eight; Kaylee Ames, six; Sierra Koerber-Marx, four; and Irene Prescott, two.

Megan McDonald scored 22 points for Highview Christian, while Caitlin Shaw added six and Cassidy Lessner, Liberty Scott and Javona Philbrick, two.

The Hawks were 0-of-6 from the foul line, while the Knights were 1-of-4 (25 percent).

North Haven 32, Highview Christian 29

At North Haven Dec. 8, the Hawks edged the Knights by a three-point margin. Highview Christian led 8-6 after the first quarter, while North Haven scored 24-17 at halftime and 32-25 after three quarters.

Mercedes Sparhawk had an impressive 18-point, 18-rebound, five-blocked shot performance for the Hawks, while Layla Sparhawk (6 points, 12 rebounds, 4 blocks), Kaylee Ames (6 points) and Irene Prescott (2 points) also chipped in for the hosts.

Cassidy Lessner scored 14 points for the Knights, while Megan McDonald added six; Javona Philbrick, four; and Emily Pomerleau and Caitlin Shaw, two.

North Haven did not attempt a foul shot, while Highview Christian was 2-of-4 (50 percent) from the charity stripe.

It was the first win for the Hawks since the 2015-16 season as the school did not field a team last season due to lack of players. North Haven has only six players on its roster for the 2017-18 campaign.

"It was very exciting to get the win," said North Haven coach Laura MacDonald. "They were all very, very nervous going into their first-ever varsity basketball game. I told them they we needed to play the game we all know how to play and they played very well together, they didn't panic and they just rocked it. They did really great for three eighth-graders, a freshman, a sophomore and a junior playing against a team that had three seniors."

Lincoln Academy 39, Camden Hills 38

At Rockport Dec. 8, the Eagles edged the Windjammers by a single point. Camden Hills led 12-11, 24-21 and 32-28 at the quarter breaks, while Lincoln Academy went on an 11-6 run in the fourth to pick up the win.

Lauren Miller led the Windjammers with nine points, while Miranda Dunton added eight; Mya Wiley, seven; Laticia Billings, five; Audrey Bowman and Kira Barley, four; and Nicole Brown, one.

Kortney McKenna scored 18 points for the Eagles, while Kaitlyn Feltis added eight; Anna Hatch, five; and Chelsea Williams, Khloe Poland, Rachael Naylor and Liz Ober, two.

Camden Hills netted 9-of-13 (69 percent) foul shots and Lincoln Academy 11-of-23 (48 percent).

Waterville 42, Oceanside 39

At Waterville Dec. 8, the Purple Panthers edged the Mariners in a rematch of last year’s Class A North prelim playoff opponents. The squads were tied 16-16 after the first quarter, while Waterville led 22-18 at halftime. Oceanside took a 31-27 edge after three quarters.

Gabby Simmons and Hope Butler scored 10 points for the Mariners, while Hannah Moholland and Kassidy Robinson added six; Sara Dorr, four; and Raechel Joyce, three. Butler also pulled down eight rebounds and Robinson seven.

Paige St. Pierre and Sadie Garling scored nine points for the Purple Panthers, while Abigail Saucier added eight; Madeline Martin, six; Ally Drew and Hannah LeClair, three; and Jayda Murray, two.

Oceanside was 3-of-11 (27 percent) from the foul line, while Waterville was 8-of-21 (38 percent).

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