A number of local residents dressed as the Grinch, or in the top hat and tails of the Monopoly millionaire, turned out at the park in front of Rite Aid to protest a Republican tax bill they say will benefit the rich at the expense of the poor.

The intersection at Park and Main streets was busy with shoppers at noon Saturday, Dec. 9, as the protest got under way, and there were several honks from motorists going past.

The event was organized by Midcoast Maine Indivisible.

Senate Republicans have proposed an overhaul of the federal tax system, and the protesters’ signs targeted Republican Sen. Susan Collins, who may support the bill.

“For every $100 in tax cuts, $62 go to the top 1 percent,” said organizer James Cook in a speech at the protest. “Only $2 go to the bottom 60 percent of earners in the U.S. This is what we call a tax scam.”

Cook argued that Republicans were cutting health care for those who are poorest and most vulnerable, including children and the elderly. “They are hurting kids on Christmas day!” he shouted and several protesters responded, “Bah humbug!”

He argued that Republicans had enough money to give billions to those who are already wealthy in this move, but will later say there is no money available for programs to help those in need.

The protesters waved signs and made a merry ruckus with cow bells and vuvuzelas.

The same group has staged several protests since the election of Republican President Donald Trump in 2016, including a town hall meeting in Thomaston to talk to Collins about her policies that Collins did not attend, leaving an empty chair.