What is the capital of Afghanistan? What is the state with the longest shoreline in the United States. What was Shakespeare's first play?

Those are the types of questions that could have beeen posed to a team from Oceanside High School at the first round — of what team members hope will be many — at Maine Public's high school quiz show.

The students from the Rockland-area school traveled to the public television studio in Lewiston Saturday, Dec. 9, where their first round was filmed. The results of that meet are not released until after the episode airs in February.

If they won that meet, a second round would also have been filmed Saturday.

Sixteen teams are competing for the right to represent Maine in a New England meet next year in Boston.

The show is similar to "Jeopardy!" coach and teacher Graham Shove said. The team will answer questions together and there will be times when students will be asked to answer individually.

Shove said he was pleased that there was an opportunity for students to excel at intellectual competition.

The students have watched shows from previous years and have practiced after school for the competition.

The show being filmed Saturday is scheduled to be aired Feb. 8.

The school with the winning team in Maine will receive $1,000 for its Project Graduation events. The second-place school will receive $500.

Team members are senior Decklin Wright, junior Alex Mahar, senior Robert Scott, junior Bea Weinand, junior Abe Lemole and junior Aidan Andrews.