This week's article is our 200th and it all began in early January 2014. In late November 2013, I was talking with Fred Bucklin and we were opining about the constant left-of-center slant that appeared in the Courier Gazette and the Camden Herald.

Following our conversation, I placed a call to Reade Brower, owner of the papers, to introduce myself and to tell him about an idea I had on how to increase his readership. He asked what I had in mind and I responded that we would like to provide Courier Publications with a conservative column each week to offer a different perspective. We talked for about 20 minutes, and he said he liked the idea and told me to make an appointment with Dan Dunkle, editor of the Courier. I did so, and during our conversation I remember Dan asking me if we thought we could provide more than two or three columns. I said yes, and requested that we receive a good placement for our articles on a consistent basis. Dan seemed satisfied and gave us a chance. We were fortunate that Reade Brower and Dan Dunkle were open to the idea of diversity.

The following week Fred and I went to a Tea Party meeting in Warren. Fred arrived before me, and when I arrived, I took the last seat available. Fred made an announcement regarding our plans. The person on my left told me that he did not hear what was said, and I told him and he replied that it sounded interesting to him. I asked his name and he said he was Dale Landrith, from Camden. Then the person to my right said that the idea sounded like something in which he would like to participate. I asked his name, as I had never seen him before. He said he was Ken Frederic from Bristol. I honestly believe there is certainly providence shown here.

These two, along with Paul Ackerman from Martinsville and myself from Rockport, are the primary writers for Another View. Fred participates, along with his wife, Victoria, and they are from Appleton. We are most fortunate to have her exercise her skills as our editor. Another person who participates is Nick Lapham from St George. Our group meets each week on Friday morning at 7 for breakfast at Moody’s in Waldoboro. We discuss the events of the past week and what appear to be looming problems across Maine and the nation. Our schedule is set for a consistent rotation of the writers and we generally have at least one article in the tank for future use.

Over time, we have expanded our coverage to 11 additional papers throughout the state. Although the other papers do not use us every week, our coverage is still significant. During the past four years, our efforts have received recognition from the Maine Press Association four times for providing an outstanding opinion column. It is our sincere desire to present a thoughtful, conservative column, so that these views may be compared and understood.

We hope that our efforts through Another View will lead to a better understanding of our different perspective and open a pathway for constructive discussion. Perhaps these articles will help us work together, so that we can be successful in confronting our problems and solving them with faithful and thankful hearts. I hope you will join us as we press onward with the next 200 articles.