The Rockland City Council will vote Monday night on whether to declare two additional houses as dangerous and abandoned.

Formal hearings are scheduled for the 5:30 p.m. Dec. 4 meeting on whether the houses at 13 State St. and 10 Hall's Lane should receive the designation.

These would be the fourth and fifth such hearings held in 2017.

The house at 13 State St. is a duplex, built in about 1870, with nearly 1,900 square feet of living space situated on one seventh of an acre.

The property had been owned by Theodore Eaton of Oak Ridge, Tenn. although the notice by the city is to PHH Mortgage Corporation of Bowie, Maryland. Eaton purchased the property in July 2004 for $115,000. The city has the property and buildings combined assessed at $125,000.

The city notified the owner in February that his building was in violation of city ordinances for being an abandoned building.

The supporting timbers on the southeast side of the house are decaying badly, according to an August email from Assistant Code Enforcement Officer William Butler. There was significant black and white mold growing inside from a leaky roof, Butler noted. Portions of the cellar are open, allowing rodents and small animals to enter, he stated in an August email.

If the city holds a hearing and declares it a dangerous building, the owner will be responsible for repairs or demolition. If the owner does not do the work or does not demolish the building after the dangerous declaration is made, the city will demolish the house and bill the owner. The city would recoup its money if the property is sold by placing a lien on it.

The 10 Halls Lane house is an 825-square-foot ranch located on a ninth of an acre. The property is owned by the heirs of Ruth Corlis. The building is assessed by the city at $51,000. The property has been in the Corlis family since 1989.

The city found doors and windows broken and has received reports of trespassers entering the building.

The city has declared three other houses dangerous buildings this year.

The city declared 33 North Main St. a dangerous building in February and the property was sold and demolished in April.

The city also declared 236 Maverick St. and 38 Admontem Ave. dangerous buildings. The city has ordered the demolition of 236 Maverick, but will clean up 38 Admontem. The city again will recoup its costs by billing the owner, and placing a lien if the properties sell.