A 60-year-old Warren man with a lengthy criminal record was sentenced to nine months in jail for exposing himself multiple times in Rockland.

Robert R. Demmons Sr. was sentenced Nov. 16 in Knox County Unified Court for two counts of indecent conduct, two counts of violating conditions of release, one count of disorderly conduct, and one count of criminal mischief.

He was also placed on probation for a year.

An affidavit filed by Rockland police details an incident Aug. 25 in which he was reported to be exposing himself in the parking lot by T.J. Maxx.

A woman trying to feed her infant reported the incident and said she was scared to leave her vehicle.

There were no details on a second incident on Aug. 28, other than that it occurred in Rockland.

Demmons' criminal record shows that he has 10 prior convictions for public indecency and indecent conduct since 1987. He also has numerous burglary and theft convictions dating back to 1986, according to court records.

The affidavit on the Aug. 25 incident stated that Demmons had a loaded pellet gun that looked like a .45-caliber handgun. Demmons told police he uses it to shoot small animals, according to the affidavit.