Bail was set Monday at $2,500 cash for a St. George man accused of using a lamp to attack a man.

William C. Skelton, 33, of St. George and Georgia, was arrested Sunday night, Nov. 26 by the Knox County Sheriff's Office and charged with charged with Class B aggravated assault.

Deputies were called to a St. George residence about two men who were in a physical fight.

A deputy said based on interviews with Skelton, the victim, and another witness, he found Skelton was the aggressor and arrested him, according to the deputy's affidavit filed in Knox County Unified Court.

Witnesses reported that Skelton came out of his room and knocked over the chair that the victim was sitting in, according to the affidavit. The two had earlier had a verbal argument. Skelton was hitting the victim and the victim fought back. At one point, Skelton grabbed a lamp and struck the man, according to the affidavit.

The two continued fighting until a deputy arrived.

Skelton and the victim both were taken to Pen Bay Medical Center in Rockport with facial injuries.