The Snow Bowl and the Samoset Resort receive high praise in Boston Magazine’s November issue in an article titled: “No Skis? No Problem.”

The piece highlights four New England hotels as winter destinations for both winter sports enthusiasts and more laid-back spa relaxers.

The piece highlights the resort, the beautiful mountain where skiers can glimpse the ocean, the toboggan chute, and the opportunity to walk the Rockland breakwater to the lighthouse. The piece also mentions Primo, the Strand Theatre and the Camden Opera House.

Nice to see the area getting some positive press.


We received word this past week about the Rockport Masonic Center holding an historic event, the consolidation of Amity and St. Paul's lodges into a new lodge, Federal Lodge No.6.

"Amity Lodge was chartered and brought into existence in 1799 by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, before Maine was a state," according to Jeff Sukeforth. "St. Paul's asked and was granted by Amity the approval to break from them and establish a lodge in Rockport, with them receiving their charter in 1855 by the Grand Lodge of Maine. We now are coming full circle and rejoining together in this new lodge."

Always interesting to see history in the making.


Some of the higher peaks may get a peppering of snow as the rain moves out and colder air moves in for Thanksgiving, VStv Meteorologist Tyler Southard informs us. For those needing to step outside to cool off from the food sweats or just to escape the in-laws, high temperatures Thursday will dip back to the 30s, despite the return of sunshine. For some, the heat of digestion will keep them warm as bargain hunters head out into the dark and cold to stand in line for Black Friday. For those who practiced some self-control at the dinner table, a winter coat should do the trick. Temperatures will begin to climb into the weekend and clouds will move in through Saturday as the roads mimic arteries and become clogged once again with families heading back home with bellies full of food and cars full of presents. More of the wet stuff will come in late Saturday and into Sunday, with some light snow possible late in the weekend to get everyone jazzed up for the next round of holidays.


The Block Island Times out of Block Island, R.I., reported Nov. 10 visits to the island from two boats from Camden.

"One was a private boat, a Spectre 43 named Glide, owned by Pam MacBayne and Denis Moonan. They were headed to Haiti, with a hold full of school supplies, clothing, and tools for the people of that weather-ravaged nation."

The other was the two-masted schooner Appledore, headed to Charleston, S.C., and eventually to Key West, Fla. This is a charter boat.

"Capt. Chris Sterling has been with the Appledore for five years. The boat has a crew of 10, and he called the craft a 'traditional wooden New England schooner.' It was designed by the famed Bud McIntosh for Herb and Doris Smith, out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire."

"…As for MacBayne and Moonan, they hope to make it to Haiti by early December, then it’s off to Panama, through the Canal, with the final destination being the Galápagos Islands."

Always nice to see the nautically inclined in the news.


We notice at the intersection of routes 1 and 90 in Rockport that crosswalk signals have been put in connecting the old RES site to Market Basket. We would be interested in knowing who likes to walk on that busy section of road and who plans to cross the street there?


Joe Seagull has just returned from a flight to the North Pole and informs us Santa is in need of suggestions for toys the local children might want for Christmas. Joe could only think of asking for clams and mussels and things he likes to eat.

You can send your Christmas letters to, or you may drop off your letter in person at The Courier Publications office, or mail it to 91 Camden St., Suite 403, Rockland, ME 04841.

Remember, too, Santa likes pictures of the reindeer and North Pole, favorite pets and all sorts of things like that.


"Who is rich? He that rejoices in his portion." — Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack.

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