Home prices continue their rise in Knox County.

And the number of sales also remains brisk.

Maine Real Estate Information System Inc. issued its monthly news release this week, which showed the median price of homes in Knox County rose nearly 7 percent in the past quarter (Aug. 1 through Oct. 31), compared to a year ago, reaching $211,000.

The increased prices, however, have not slowed interest from buyers. There were 177 homes sold during the past three months in Knox County. This is up 2 percent from October 2016.

Statewide, the median price of homes rose 6.5 percent from $192,500 in July to $205,000 in October.

The number of sales rose 8 percent across Maine.

Waldo County saw a 27 percent increase in number of sales (142 to 181), with the median price rising 11 percent, reaching $170,000 during the past quarter.

Lincoln County saw a decline in both sales (183 to 174) and median prices ($238,250 to $209,250) in the past three months.