A 37-year-old man died Saturday morning, Nov. 18, in a storage container that he had been using to sleep in, according to police.

Adam Purington was found dead inside the container, which was used to store bait, according to Rockland Police Detective Alex Gaylor.

The cause of death has not been confirmed by the Maine Medical Examiner's Office, but the detective said it is suspected of being carbon monoxide poisoning from a forklift that had been running in the container.

Purington worked loading and unloading lobsters for Frank Thompson of Vinalhaven, who delivers lobsters from the Penobscot Bay island to Rockland.

"He was a very nice man. He kept to himself," Thompson said Monday, Nov. 20.

Thompson said he was not aware that Purington was sleeping in the container. Gaylor said from people he had interviewed, it was not a surprise that Purington would be sleeping there. He said it was an on-and-off thing apparently for the man to be sleeping in the container.

Purington had lived in Gardiner, Thompson said. He said Purington was not married and to his knowledge did not have children.

Rockland Assistant Harbormaster Mark Tibbetts said he was not aware that Purington had been sleeping in the container.

Police received the call at 7 a.m. Nov. 18 at the city-owned fish pier. The temperature had dropped to 25 degrees that morning. The detective said he suspects the forklift was turned on to provide heat.