The Waldo County YMCA will offer girls competitive volleyball this winter.

Brandon Hall, youth and adult sports director at the YMCA, said the YMCA will offer the program for the first time.

The program, the Waldo County Volleyball Club, is open to girls in grades six through 12. There was a tryout on Nov. 19 at Troy Howard Middle School.

Practices will be twice a week, to be determined.

The coach is David Fay – USA Volleyball CAPI, SafeSport and Impact Certified. For more information on the club, Fay can be reached by email at or by phone at 904.210.1256.

Click for videos of Isabella Fay volleyball.

Click for ESPN story on girls volleyball.

"For us here at the Waldo County YMCA, we are very excited to bring competitive youth volleyball to the area," Hall said. "The sport is growing and we feel this satisfies a specific need for young athletes to stay active in the winter months. This venture brings lots of commitment; however, we have dotted our I’s and crossed T’s to allow this to be very successful for years to come."

Fay said volleyball is the fastest growing girls sport in the nation. He said the piece by ESPN (click on the link above), published earlier this year, sums it up best.

Fay said his daughters "played year-round for five of the past six years in Florida where volleyball is highly-competitive. They played school ball in the fall, indoor club in the winter, and beach club in the summer. School teams in Florida may have 100 girls show up to tryout for a 10-person team. If you didn’t play club volleyball you were not likely to make a team there."

Fay said he and his daughters were involved last year for BOOM Volleyball in Saco so they would need to drive five hours three times a week to practice.

"We are very excited to have the Waldo County YMCA’s support in growing the game here in our part of the state," Fay said. "Volleyball is definitely making its way through the state and Belfast is a great central location for many schools in our area."

Fay said Brewer High School, for example, has established a school team and Bucksport High School will have a program next fall.

"There are many college options for indoor volleyball and the number of college beach volleyball programs continues to grow," Fay said. "In fact, our neighbors at [Maine Maritime Academy], coached by Trisha Carver, just won the [North Atlantic Conference] title" and competed against Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the NCAA tournament, losing 3-0 to finish the season 20-13.

Fay shared examples of club volleyball through the recruiting page for his oldest daughter, Isabella, a student at Belfast Area High School. Those videos can viewed through the link above.

"Isabella has schools all over the country interested in her," Fay said. "She is what’s called a 6-rotation player, meaning she could start in any position on the court. Many of her former teammates are in the same boat and that’s what I enjoy about coaching is helping them get to the point where a college coach contacts them."

The coach said video 4 in his daughter's video collage is one of his favorites as it shows Isabella at Winterfest in Boston earlier this year.

"We are running what’s called a 6-2, which means we have two setters who are also hitters," he said. "In this clip Isabella also jump serves so it shows her full range. She starts out as a right-side hitter in the front row, then we rotate to her serving, making her a back-row player. After serving she runs to her position as a setter and sets our outside and then, after a timeout, sets a perfect set to our middle for a kill."

For information on volleyball and other youth/adult sports at the YMCA, contact Hall by email at or call 338-4598.

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