The Rockland Womens' Golf Association finished its season of weekly play on Thursday, Oct. 19 with a three-clubs-plus-a-putter format.

The format essentially meant golfers could carry and use any three clubs — for example, a 3-wood, 5-iron and 9-iron — plus a putter to play the 18-hole round.

The individual results were: Sue Wootton, first gross 97; Kathy Harper, second gross 101; Joanna Schleif, third gross 105; Arlene Adams, first net 71; Wendy Pires, second net 74; and Kate Hewlett, third net 76.

The pin winners were: Harper, 3-1 on the fifth hole; Wendy Dewing, 31-0 on the 10th; and Hewlett, 16-4 on the 18th.

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