A 26-year-old prisoner from the Bolduc Correctional Center is back behind bars after walking away from the prison farm Wednesday, Aug. 16.

Jacob Carney, formerly of Surry, was apprehended in Rockland at about 9 p.m. Rockland police had been searching an area in the rear of the Breakwater Marketplace along Fales Street in search of Carney when he was apprehended.

Maine Department of Corrections Commissioner Joseph Fitzpatrick said a prison fugitive recovery team formally arrested Carney.

Carney was sentenced in March 2016 in Hancock County Superior Court in Ellsworth to 30 months in prison for felony theft of an iPhone from an Ellsworth High School student. The charge was a felony because of prior theft convictions.

Carney had been scheduled to be released in March 2018. The commissioner said Carney will likely be charged with escape.

Fitzpatrick said Carney had been on a work detail outside the prison earlier in the day, supervised by prison staff. The job was farm-related, he said.

The work crew returned to the Bolduc Center around 3:30 p.m. and there had been no indication of a problem, the commissioner said. At 4:30 p.m., an inmate count was conducted and staff discovered Carney was missing.

The distance between Bolduc and where he was captured is about nine miles. No information was released on how he got to Rockland.

The Bolduc Center, also known as the prison farm, is where up to 222 inmates with less than three years remaining on their sentence are held, according to the Maine Department of Corrections website.