Summer may be our favorite time of year, but it’s not always the best time for dogs and cats here at the shelter. People are busy vacationing, enjoying company, and hanging out in the mountains or at the beach, and adopting a pet is often the last thing on their minds. In fact, rather than adopting, they seem more likely, come summer, to give up animals who present challenging medical or behavioral issues — which frequently leads to a shelter full of dogs and cats awaiting new homes.

Take Kerra, for instance. When she arrived at P.A.W.S. a few weeks ago, her owner told us she could no longer take care of the beautiful calico. Kerra was a bit grumpy and missing large patches of fur, but lab tests showed she was in good health. The only issue: her paws. Some of Kerra's claws were so long, they’d become ingrown and were digging into her pads. No wonder she wasn’t in the best mood — just walking must have been painful — and the resulting stress likely also accounted for the bald patches in her coat. Properly pedicured, Kerra is now back to her old, sweet self and earnestly hoping someone will come along and offer her a new home.

Meanwhile, over on the canine side of the building, we have a charming, if mysterious, newcomer: Isaac. This handsome fellow is a mishmash of various breeds, but darned if we can figure out which ones. He has the face of a black Lab, yet his long, wiry coat suggests some sort of terrier. All we know for sure is that he came to us from a shelter in Georgia, where he’d been found as a stray. His finder kept him for three weeks and reported that he was good with children and other dogs and even got along with the family’s kitten. Sounds like the perfect family dog to us (whatever else he may be), and one who’s eminently qualified to jump into your summer adventures in midstream without missing a wag.

Busy as you are these warm, sunny days, we urge you to visit us at 123 John St. in Camden — or check out — to learn more about Kerra, Isaac, and oodles more adoptable pets currently in our care. And by the way, if you have a cat who needs a pedicure, as Kerra did, but aren’t sure how to approach the task, fear not. Our professional staff can give your girl or boy four beautiful, healthy paws in no time for a mere $10. Just give us a call at 236-8702 before you come in.