Our pet pick of the week is Koda, a very handsome husky. His good looks earn him lots of attention and inquiries from potential adopters. One of our responsibilities at the shelter, however, is to match the right home with the right dog. Huskies can be a challenging breed. They need lots of exercise, can have a high prey drive, and many are masters at escaping over, under and through fences. We are looking for a person or family that is ready to tackle the rewards and challenges of sharing their home with this beautiful breed.

Koda has spent much of his 7 years tied outside in his previous home; he was also used as a stud dog. We weren't sure how he would adjust to being in a home, but thanks to our kennel manager, Jenn, who took him to her farm for two weeks, we now have some insight into this lovely guy. According to Jen, "Koda is actually very quiet and well behaved in the house. He'll hang out on the sofa with his favorite toy for hours. The big issue with him is that he hates to be left alone and will chew through crates, doors or any barrier where you try to confine him when you leave.

"He gets along well with my other dogs, as long as they don't try to take his toys or food. He definitely prefers to be the top dog in the household." Jenn feels he would do best in a home where someone is around for most of the day and where there is a secure, covered outside kennel where he can be safely left alone. It may be a tall order, but we know that the perfect home for Koda is out there somewhere. If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in Koda, give us a call.

Time is running out to take advantage of our Name Your Price adoption promotion featuring all adult cats. At last count, we had 209 cats and kittens in the shelter and in foster care. That's a whole lot of cats that are looking for homes. Do you have room in yours? If so, from now through the end of July, you can put your own price on love when you adopt an adult cat. There are plenty to choose from. Stop by the shelter and fall in love.

Wish list: 6-inch paper plates, wet cat food, stamps, ziploc bags (quart and gallon) and gift certificates to Walmart, Staples, Amazon and other local businesses. Thanks for your support.