The following deed transfers were recorded from July 17-21 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:


Earl Rodney Norwood Jr. to Earl Rodney Norwood Jr., Jeannie Carson, Bonnie Deane and Deborah Evans.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Erin Marie Doherty.

David Hardy to Jane Jordan and Canaan M. Jordan.

Ronald E. Jackson and Debra Ann Jackson to Hayden D. Martz Sr. and Kristi L. Martz.


Catherine A. Reising Jones and Jeffrey A. Jones to Mohammad Al Sabt and Michal Ann Al Sabt.

Kristian Burgess and Sarah Burgess to Charles E. Parker Jr. and Cathryn W. Parker.

Jean Ruth Harper Est. and Jean Harper Est. to Siri Schwartman Jones and Jason Christopher Jones.

Judith S. Meyer Tr. and David G. Smith Marital Trust to Judith S. Meyer Tr. and David G. Smith Family Trust.

Jean Nilsson Est. to Tracy A. Sabia and Alan T. Nilsson and Robert J. Nilsson.


Ralph Martin Jr. and Audrey Martin and Esther Hendrickson.

Esther Hendrickson to Ralph Martin Jr. and Audrey Martin.


Charles F. Hillman Est. to John R. MacFarlane.


Eric J. Bagnall and Kristi E. Bagnall to Leslie Hall.

Owls Head

Richard T. Senter Est. to Mary G. Senter.

Michael R. Conte to Stephen G. Nelson and Diane M. Nelson.

Richard B. Hurlbert and Audrey M. McGlashan to Walter R. Welton and Kathryn L. Becker.


Christopher P. Fowles and Pamela Fowles to Tyler John Holmes.

Holly E. Barstow Est. to Mary J. Pike.

Barbara J. Hill to Deborah J. Hill.

Nancy O'Neil to Susan I. Cook.

Christian Clayton to Aaron Crossman and Erin Leonard.


Gerald R. Dopp and Edith H. Dopp to Stephen B. Stuart and Karen M. Beckwith.

Newell E. Warde to Stephen B. Stuart to Karen M. Beckwith.

Gary W. Heald and Sandra Sears to Janice L. Nicol and Ralph H. Hershberger.

South Thomaston

Eric McCartney and Dorothy McCartney to DEM LLC.

St. George

Nancy Thibodeau to Lawrence C. Schooley and Ellin B. Schooley.

Darran Walz and Lisa Walz to Eliza S. Alden Tr., Laurence Barton Tr. and Eliza S. Alden Revocable Trust.

Steven B. Kurtz and Edith A. Kurtz to Morris Sheppard Minton Jr. Tr., Nancy Keyes Minton Tr. and Minton Family Trust.


Timothy Payson to Stephen Blair Kauffman.

Judith F. Getman to Michael Duane Skinner Tr., Pamela G. Skinner Tr. and Skinner Family Trust.

Sandra F. Orluk to Gail E. Schamlz.


Deborah A. Rogers to Reginald A. Vokes.

Edward Thompson and Rosemarie Thompson to Mark Finkin and Susan Finkin.


Suzanne T. White to Suzanne T. White Tr. and White Trust.

Courtland A. Bennett and Suzanne T. White to Suzanne T. White Tr., White Trust and Courtland A. Bennett Tr.

Henry Chapman to Nicholas A. Adolphsen and Hannah R. Adolphsen.