The Friendship Day auction will be Saturday, July 29, at 1 p.m.. at the Hahn Community Center. Proceeds from the event will go toward a portion of the Friendship ambulance bill.

This auction continues to be the major Friendship Day fundraiser. Many people come year after year just to hear auctioneer Bill Michaud weave his tales on the history of articles donated to the auction or joke about their potential future uses, according to Joel Fearn, town clerk.

This year a number of unusual early donations have made it like an auction from the past, Fearn said. One family donated the contents of a farmhouse in East Friendship. There are both new and quality vintage items, he said.

This auction prides itself on the donations of persons of talent and businesses in the area, as well as local townspeople, Fearn said.

Fearn encouraged the public to attend the auction, find a treasure, laugh at Michaud's unusual understanding of fact and fiction, and help support the Friendship ambulance service.

Items being added to the auction can be viewed on the town's Facebook page.