The following deed transfers were recorded from July 3-7 at Knox County Registry of Deeds:


Gerald A. Bernier and Jane N. Bernier to Deanna Lynn Richardson and Alicia D. Richardson.


Timothy J. Wooster and Sarah C. Kelley to Michael J. Koryta and Christine R. Koryta.

Lauria R. O'Connell and David O'Connell to Walter M. Lamont Jr.

Town of Camden to Jeffrey J. Jordan and Sharon G. Jordan.

RBEM Maine LLC to Ellen M. McCarthy and Richard H. Bradley.


Town of Cushing to Daniel J. Ford

Town of Cushing to Daniel J. Ford.

Maine State Grange P of H to Orman A. Poland and Joyce E. Poland.

Shirley L. Allen to Joshua A. Mitchell and Alyssa M. S. Mitchell.

John C. Wadhams and Dale A. Wadhams to John C. Wadhams Tr., Dale A. Wadhams Tr. and Dale A. Wadhams Revocable Trust.


Shawn G. Tanter to Katherine H. B. Chandler.

James Slayton to Maggie McGaw.

Owls Head

Robert J. Trovato and Teresa M. Trovato to Craig B. Mathieson.

Rodney B. Weeks to Jason Weeks Tr. and Jason Weeks Living Trust.


Susan Young to Karen E. Kaler

Leatrice L. Marr to Pettina Harden and Robert C. Harden III.

Lily Lam to Lily Lam.

Lily Lam to Lily Lam.

Charles Hinds and Mary Jane Hinds to Gilbert F. Lane Sr.

Gilbert F. Lane Sr. to Janette Lane and Gilbert F. Lane Sr.


Victor J. Steinglass and Marsha L. Steinglass to Jedd S. Steinglass Tr., Chad J. Steinglass Tr. and Captain Peachfuzz Trust.

Carol J. Glebe Tr. and Nancy C. Rupp Trust of 1995 to Jean Condon.

William Phillips and Carolyn Phillips to John H. Schaefer and Marilyn R. Schaefer.

Nancy L. Buell to Allen R. Pinette and Susan G. Pinette.

Michele A. Kirkman to Ernest W. Dorling and Linda M. Dorling.

David H. Lester and Joyce E. Lester to Danny Wight and Roxanne Wight.

South Thomaston

Robert G. Allwood, Ellen N. Allwood and Ellen M. Allwood to Robert G. Allwood Tr. and Robert G. Allwood Revocable Trust.

Catherine L. Widdecombe and Catherine D. Widdecombe to Catherine L. Widdecombe to Tod. D. Widdecombe.

St. George

Harriet N. Dennen Est to John Dennen.

Abraham Estrella and Jeanne G. Estrella to Bradley Weikert and Ami Weikert.

Dorothy E. Phillips Est to Melvin H. Oldham and Chandra Oldham.

Nancy P. Whitaker and Arnold B. Whitaker to Kenneth C. Hyszczak to Maura M. Harty.


Wesley R. Hooper to Richard J. Tolman and Sandra A. Tolman.

Wayne D. Seekins and Claire F. Seekins to Anson Norton and Carmen Norton.

Barbara B. Hall to William R. Belyea and Darene J. Belyea.


Dorothy Black to Wanda Wyman and Joseph Wyman.

Joseph Wyman and Wanda Wyman to Dorothy Black.

Heather Guzman and Heather Kesick to Ian Fish.

James L. Hannan to Jeremiah A. Goudreau.


David A. Wetherbee Tr. and Wetherbee Dyers Island House Family Trust and David A. Wetherbee Tr.


Betty L. Ward to Lauren Pinkham, Paul Pinkham and Susan Pinkham.

Bernard Zike to David J. Corwin and Samantha J. Vanderpoel.

Sharon Thompson to Sharon Thompson, Winifred Jean Thompson, Miles Gerard Thompson, Caleb James Thompson and Jacob Robert Thompson.

Walter L. Heath Jr. Est to Clifford D. Currier and Susan K. Johnson.


Dean R. Batlis Jr. and Rachel M. Batlis to Emilio D. Mazzeo Jr. and Sonia M. Mazzeo.

Merriann J. Bell Tr. and Bell Family Trust to Melissa Fortune and Nicholas Fortuna.

Darlene S. Hale and Thomas J. Hale to Donald J. Morgan and Karen L. Morgan.

Donald J. Morgan and Karen L. Morgan to Thomas J. Hale and Darlene S. Hale.