The Rockport Garden Club has been in existence since the 1930s.

The club started out with 18 people and was formed as a branch of the Camden Garden Club. Through the yea​r​s, the ​RGC ​members ​participated in ​many programs, just to name a few: ​ collecting gypsy moth eggs, collecting and delivering "sunshine" baskets to shut-ins, spearhead ing the drive to save the Rockport Opera House ​and ​ maintaining plants around Andre the Seal. ​

The club's ​annual plant sales ​help to provide funds for the beautification and maintenance of Rockport's ​public areas and, ​most importantly, ​for scholarship awards.

​In ​December 2000, the club launched its annual Holly Berry Fair, ​which continues today to be a well-received and fun-filled fundraiser to continue their good community work.

Their challenge today is in keeping Rockport looking beautiful and colorful in all four seasons, to work and earn funds for scholarships, and to have fun ​and make friends while ​doing so.​ All of these activities brings out members ​'​ ​​ imaginations, hard work, commitment to help educate ​its members, their guests and community on our horticultural needs.

One of the club's main goals is to award scholarships for the pursuit of horticultural-related or environmental-related degrees. They are awarded annually in June to Camden Hills Regional High School graduating seniors and adults in the community who return to continuing education in these areas of study.

The 2017 awards went to those applicants that proved ​curriculum suitability, academic record, community service, recommendations and level of need.

The club was pleased to give two scholarships (the first in 2015) to Addie Drinkwater enrolled in environmental studies and business administration at St. Michael's. The second award went to Grace Olsen, studying sustainable agriculture and environmental studies at Green Mountain College. ​ The third scholarship went to Max Pushaw in a parks and forest management program at Unity College. And the forth, to Jaclyn Gilson, who also received an award from the RGC in 2015, and is studying environmental science at Simmons.

For more scholarship information, call ​593-0744.

​The clubs monthly meetings are held at the Rockport Opera House on the first Thursday of most months with guest speakers presenting programs on various horticultural subjects. Men and women are both invited to join. For more information, call 354-6558​.