A lone car in the parking lot of Boston Financial in Rockland caught fire just before 9:15 a.m. July 11.

Rockland Fire and EMS responded to the scene and reported smoke and flames visible from the engine compartment, according to a press release from Fire Chief Chris Whytock.

The crew extinguished the fire using about 150 gallons of water, and the fire was contained to the engine compartment with no extension to the rest of the vehicle.

"It was noted on arrival that two good Samaritans were trying to keep the fire from extending by using a small garden hose," Whytock stated.

"They were asked to stop what they were doing and step back due to the dangers that car fires pose upon responders," Whytock said, explaining shocks and struts are often pressurized to perform their required functions, but under high heat conditions, can rupture and cause bodily harm to anyone near the vehicle.

He said gas and fuel in the vehicle can also cause serious injury if not properly protected.

"So please use extreme caution around vehicle fires," he stressed.

No other vehicles were around the car at the time, and there were no occupants.

The owner of the vehicle has yet to be determined, according to the report.