Friendship's Boston cane has been passed to Grace Delano.

Delano was born in Friendship Jan. 14, 1919, moved to Damariscotta for a short time and then moved back to Friendship by the time she was 7. She  was married to Cyrus Delano and raised five children in the town. She was lovingly called by her family “Mammy” and was known for her love of baking.

Pies were her specialty; sometimes she made as many as 20 for a single Thanksgiving dinner. She worked at Wallace’s Market and The Friendship Scoop for several years. Delano is currently the oldest living member of the Cushing Acorn Grange. Her mother, Elva Benner, was a recipient of the Boston Post cane, as were her mother-in-law, Annie Delano, her mother-in-law's sister, Sylvia Collamore. Delano is in her 98th year.