The following deed transfers were recorded from June 26-29 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:


(9) Aldeverd M. Robbins Est. to Aldeverd L. Robbins.


Kimberly Lynn Jackson to Jason E. Ellis and Sarah Latterner Ellis.

Jeffrey J. Jordan and Sharon G. Jordan to Jeffrey J. Jordan.

Town of Camden to Roxanne L. Bowen.

Brett A. Lerner to Brett A. Lerner and Kristine M. Lerner.


Brian J. Moody to Lisa Dawn Fry.

Owls Head

Emily G. Lowe to Clovis V. Anjard and Julia R. Maher.


William A. Rose to Michael Dearborn.


Jesse M. Deery, Michelle Deery and Michelle May to Joyce F. Berg.

Clifford B. Burkett and Lorraine P. Burkett to Alane Dostie, Larry Burkett and Stephen L. Burkett.

Martin Schindler and Kathleen Meehan to George M. Kern and Maili Kern.

Kelly Ann Laghaei Tr., Farid Laghaei Tr. and Laghaei Revocable Living Trust to Rodney F. Mason and Anna Mason.

Daniel A. Gushee and Diane C. Gushee to James D. Gushee.

Robert G. Schneider and Manette B. Pottle to Manette B. Pottle.


Valerie J. Foster and Valerie H. Levine to Sara J. Breshears.

Paul A. Bickford to Paul A. Bickford and Lori L. Bickford.

Carl W. Beal and Nancy L. Beal to Chris M. Beal and Revecca L. Beal.

St. George

Ruth Anne Sadri Tr. and Peter J. Peterson Trust to Ruth Anne Sadri.

Astrid Weaver to Amy L. Palmer and Kirk T. Gentalen.

Justin H. Long to Charlene Walsh.


Pamela Dewell and Pamela Dewell Smith to Charles Grover and Susan B. Grover.


Riverdale Associates LLC to Robert H. Doucette.

Robert H. Doucette to Riverdale Associates LLC.

Riverdale Associates LLC to Samantha Bartlett.


Daniel F. Bickford and Lucy M. Bickford to K and K Property Rentals LLC.

Ladd York and Karen L. York to Ancelyn Olson Tr. and York Irrevocable Realty Trust.

(4) – Cristy West and Cristy West Tr. and Cristy West Revocable Trust.

Jeffery T. Peterson to Ellison Griffin and Janet Griffin.


Robert F. England Jr. to Wilford D. York.

Warren Sanitary District to Craig Lear.

Clare L. Stinson to Helen Shaw and William Chapman.


Wade Bartlett, Marlene M. Bartlett and Gerald Bartlett to Judson W. Butterman.

Joseph C. Devonshire and Kathleen Repko Devonsshire to Thomas DiBenedetti Jr. and Morgan Baum.

Eve L. Hill, Trisha L. Wadsworth and Meesha G. Luce to Kurt Martin and Jacqueline Kennedy.

Timothy S. Winslow and Alison M. Winslow to Philip C. Barnes II.