A ceremony including music, speeches, prayers, the laying of a wreath and historical reenactment was held July 3 next to the Limerock Street American Legion Post 1.

The event was a rededication of the 4th Maine Volunteer Infantry Civil War Camp Knox Memorial Monument at its new location on the Midcoast Area Veterans Memorial Wall beside the American Legion.

The event included music provided by Marlene Hall and the Bay Winds North, including their performance of a "Civil War Suite." There was a presentation of colors. Speakers included Capt. David Sulin of the 20th Maine Company B, Mayor Will Clayton and former Mayor Louise MacLellan-Ruf.

Peter Dalton, an expert on the 4th Maine Volunteers and the author of “With Our Faces to the Foe," provided the history of the 4th Maine Infantry in the War of the Rebellion. Peter Ogden, chairman of the board of the Maine Military Historical Society and the Maine Armed Forces Museum and chairman of the board for the General Henry Knox Museum, provided a display of Gen. Joshua Chamberlain's pistol and Gen. Andrew Spurling's Medal of Honor.

Those in attendance also enjoyed the Civil War reenactment by the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry, Co. B.