Central Maine Power, a subsidiary of AVANGRID Inc., is launching a new phase in its Plug-In Electric Vehicle Grant Program. The utility will offer selected nonprofit organizations matching funds to support the lease or purchase of eligible vehicles or the purchase and installation of a Level 2 or 3 charging station.

This marks the fourth year that CMP has offered grants for PEVs and charging infrastructure. The utility’s programs have helped 18 nonprofit organizations and small businesses to obtain PEVs and have added charging infrastructure throughout central and southern Maine.

A limited number of grants are available. To qualify, nonprofit organizations must be located and/or operating within CMP’s service territory. Vehicles must have electric propulsion (either part- or full-time), plug-in battery charging, and be commercially available. Customized cars, homemade vehicles, or prototypes are not eligible. Visit cmpco.com/electricvehicles for a complete list of requirements.

Organizations that wish to participate in CMP’s PEV Grant Program must apply online at cmpco.com/electricvehicles or download the application to complete and mail to: John Gaudet, Public Affairs Department, CMP, 83 Edison Drive, Augusta, ME 04336.

Completed applications and questions can also be submitted via e-mail to John.GaudetJr@cmpco.com. Deadline for applications is July 30. CMP will review all requests and will contact applicants by mail with a decision.