Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding Inc., owner of Lyman Morse at Wayfarer, has donated $1,000 to the Camden Conservation Commission in support of the group's ongoing clean harbor initiative.

Seth Meyer, CCC treasurer, accepted the donation from Drew Lyman, president of Lyman-Morse. “We're thrilled to have the support of Lyman Morse in our efforts to improve water quality in Camden Harbor,” Meyer said. “We are also pleased to partner with them as part of their Green Team for the upcoming Camden Classics Cup at the end of July, which will once again be a Clean Regatta sponsored by Lyman Morse.” A Green Team is a core group dedicated to sustainability that will lead planning and communication of green initiatives as endorsed by the non-profit organization Sailors for the Sea.

“Lyman Morse is proud to be involved with this committee and their work. It not only makes good business sense to make sure our harbors are healthy but this is an issue that is very important to Lyman Morse and my entire family," Lyman said.

The Camden Conservation Commission serves as a research, advisory and advocacy group on environmental and conservation issues relating to the Town. Comprised of seven Camden residents and appointed by the Select Board, the CCC carries out the guidelines of the Camden Community Forest Management Plan, sponsors educational talks and walks, and focuses on special projects such as water quality and protecting natural resources and wildlife.

For more information on the CCC or to help with any projects, please contact Secretary Vicki Doudera at