On June 13 friends Keenan Hendricks and Christian Straka opened "Smoothie Haven" in downtown Rockland. Their tiny, brightly-painted cottage at 2 Park Drive, complete with lobster crates on its roof, boasts a wide variety of healthy, refreshing smoothies perfect for a summer stroll through town.

"For years Christian and I have always brainstormed ideas of having our own business, some more unrealistic than others but that's the fun of it. There really is no better time do this than now, during our summers of college. We don't have a whole lot to lose and it will be a great experience," said Hendricks.

Hendricks and Straka both grew up in Owls Head. Having spent the previous summer working as camp counselors, the friends returned from their first year of college with a new goal in mind: to be their own bosses:

"Keenan and I decided we wanted to try our own thing. In the middle of our first year of college we decided we wanted to open up our own smoothie stand. We both enjoy exercising and eating healthy, and what better tasty yet nurturing beverage to enjoy than a smoothie. We want to share our recipes with the town of Rockland and all those who come to visit," said Straka.

Juicing puns aside, one would be hard-pressed to find another small business in the area operated by two 19 year-old entrepreneurs. Some of the smoothies featured on the menu include the "Keeno Special" (peanut butter, banana, protein powder, milks and chocolate sauce) and the "Green Monster" (spinach, pineapple, banana and cranberry juice.)

The Smoothie Haven's central location, in front of the Eclipse Restaurant and across from Park Street Grille, makes them a convenient stop for visitors to Rockland's Main Street. Hendricks and Straka have already found a way to make the most of this foot traffic, and have set-up outdoor games such as "Kan-Jam" for the enjoyment of their customers. The friends have also created t-shirts bearing Smoothie Haven's colorful logo, which can be purchased on site.

Although the smoothie shop is currently a cash-only business, there are convenient ATM locations along Main Street. Hendricks says he and Straka have plans to expand their offerings to include "smoothie bowls" and other snack foods. Updated information on deals and menu items can be found via their Instagram page: @haven.smoothies