Vinalhaven passed the $3.9 million budget for School Administrative District 8 in a June 29 vote, less than three weeks after voters had rejected the same budget 160-126.

The June 29 vote had a lower turnout of 253, with 143 voting in favor of the budget proposal and 109 voting against it, with one ballot left blank.

Subtracting revenues, the remaining $3,083,975 proposed is up 6 percent from last year. The proposal was approved in a second district budget meeting June 26 before moving to a vote.

In his annual budget summary, Superintendent Bruce Mailloux attributed much of the rise to the loss of state funds, almost $100,000 of it, because the percentage of students with free or reduced-price lunch was too low. Mailloux said the district had appealed that decision and hoped for a reversal.