Just days before launching a new hour-long, live daily show, members of the small, tight-knit team at VStv (aka, VillageSoup television) in Rockport were hammering together the new show's sets.

It looked like a scene from any startup story — people listening to music and joking around as they build something they hope will make a lasting impression on the community.

The new show, "Midcoast Today," premiered at the beginning of June featuring not only news, weather and sports, but special lengthier segments and features of interest to the local community. These features include "Behind the News," with longtime local journalist Stephen Betts and "My Town Maine," which features a different Midcoast town each time and focuses on something unique about it.

Bethany Ricciardi and Amber Abbotoni co-anchor the new show each morning

"The best part about being a local video producer is just that, we love local," said Ricciardi. "As our show grows, we've been able to expand our coverage and highlight all of Midcoast’s hidden treasures, exploring lighthouses, cooking with local chefs, foraging through forests, visiting local wineries and digging deeper into local town history."

Other new segments include:

– "Adoptables" on Mondays and Fridays, featuring adoptable pets from Pope Memorial Humane Society and PAWS.

– "DIY" in which the team tests out ideas from Pintrest and other online sources.

– "What's Playing" A look at what's playing over the weekend at the Strand and local opera houses

– "Midcoast Adventure" Exploring and experiencing the different things the Midcoast has to offer.

“This new show is unlike anything the Midcoast has seen before," said Abbotoni. "We’re giving the community an in-depth look at things people may see every day and have become accustomed to. People see lobster boats in the harbors every day, but do they know what actually goes on in the lobstering industry? People drive through towns on their way to work, but do they know that town's unique history? Those are the types of things we are bringing our viewers on ‘Midcoast Today.’ And the best part is, we are the ones who get to create it, right here in the area — not Bangor or Portland.”

Local viewers can watch it on conventional television channels throughout the Midcoast, streaming live on Facebook and VillageSoup, or view the show any time of day online. The show is filmed live each day at the VStv studio on Meadow Street in Rockport.

The weather team is unique in its focus on the local area. "Midcoast Today" features Chief Meteorologist Tyler Southard along with local meteorologists Paul Janus and Ken McKinley of Rockport.

“The focus is to offer accurate and timely weather forecasts and information tailored to the needs of Midcoast residents," Southard said. On" Midcoast Today," the weather team has begun offering an additional weather segment dedicated to marine conditions detailing what is happening right now and what to expect for the remainder of the day and beyond.

"If you aren't able to catch our forecast in the morning, we continue to provide current conditions and forecast on our website and updates through the day on cable, online, and on social media," Southard added.

Zack Miller provides both local and statewide sports coverage in partnership with the sports team at Courier Publications, headed by longtime Sports Director Ken Waltz.

"The Midcoast sports world is on the outskirts of the Portland and Bangor television markets, and with some of the best athletes and teams in the state, viewers now have a chance to see highlights, scores and other features brought into the forefront, that they most likely will not see in other state television markets," Miller said.

For more information, visit vstv.me, knox.villagesoup.com or watch for it at the times listed below:

Facebook or VillageSoup: Live feed at 8 a.m. daily or anytime throughout the day.

MaineCoast 7: 9 a.m.; 6 p.m.; 10:30 p.m.

Belfast TV 2: 9 a.m…. 12 p.m…. 6 p.m.… 10:30 p.m.

LCI 13: 8 a.m. (live); 12 p.m.; 7 p.m.

ROKU: 9 a.m. or anytime throughout the day

VStv.me: 9 a.m. or anytime throughout the day.