Most of us do not know what it is to live in a world of silence. We can't imagine how it would feel not to hear music, approaching footsteps, or the voice of someone we love.

Yet silence may be all that Nemo has ever known. This tiny, 6-year-old Chihuahua mix is deaf. We don't know whether he was born deaf or lost his hearing somewhere along the way. But what we do know is that, beyond that sensory challenge, there doesn’t seem to be a thing wrong with this endearing little fellow. As with most humans and most companion animals we’ve known that have lost one of their senses, the remaining senses tend to compensate for the one that’s missing. Nemo, for instance, “hears” us coming by picking up the vibrations in the floor caused by our footsteps. He “listens” and understands some of what we say by watching our mouths move as we speak.

Of course, it’s not a perfect system. If Nemo is deeply asleep, or if you softly approach him from behind so he doesn’t see you coming, you may startle him, and his instinctive response, out of fear, may be to nip at you. This difficulty is easily avoided simply by making sure that Nemo knows you’re there before you pet him. But because of it, we think he’ll do best in a household that does not include young children. He has, however, lived successfully with other cats and a dog, so a multi-pet home would be no problem.

Also waiting for a home, but in other ways Nemo’s polar opposite, is our beautiful kitty Jade. All five of Jade’s senses are working just fine, thank you very much, and she’ll use them to let you know that she, for one, prefers to share neither home nor human with other cats. The simple truth is, other felines make our princess cross; and that’s why, when you come to meet her, you’ll find her reigning supreme in her own, private kitty “condo.” But nice as these condos are, confinement is hard for a cat that’s used to spending a good part of each day exploring the great outdoors. Can you offer this charmer a fresh start in a home where she can be your one-and-only? If so, then Jade’s your girl.

So many dogs, so many kitties, so many mouths to feed! We are running low on cat food — especially the moist, canned variety. Most of the cats in our care do well on economical Friskies brand cat food, so if you have a few dollars to spare the next time you’re at Hannaford or Shaw’s, we’d be grateful if you would pick up a few cans for our feline friends. We also go through mountains of cat litter every day and always celebrate the arrival of a new bag or two. Any brand is fine, so long as it’s the quick-clumping kind. Please check our website,, for the full list of pet-care and cleaning supplies we need most, this very week. And remember that whatever you choose to donate, you can drop it off any time at our location at 123 John St. in Camden. The front vestibule is open 24/7.

Curious about Nemo, Jade, or any of our other oh-so adoptable pets? Please call us at 236-8702 or check our aforementioned website. As always, we thank you for caring about animals, and for your ongoing support.