Eleven 12th-graders from Team Panther completed the Trekkers Rites of Passage program in April, bringing closure to their six-year Trekkers experience and helping them move to the next phase of their lives.

Trekkers’ Program Manager Brandon Caron, with the help of a team of volunteers and Trekkers staff, led 11 seniors on the four-day Rites of Passage Expedition starting April 17. The expedition included a 36-hour wilderness solo at Stump Sprouts in Charlemont, Mass.

Each student camped alone on their solo, and was asked to reflect on their high school years and Trekkers experience, as well as preparing mentally for life after high school. Students were given reflection topics and encouraged to journal, focusing on who they want to be in their lives moving forward. During their solo, they spent time reflecting and developing a mission statement for their life that they want to live. All 11 seniors completed their solos.

The 12th-grade expedition is the final program in a student’s Trekkers experience. This program is designed to help students focus on life beyond high school, giving them a greater understanding of how to make the transition from adolescence to adulthood, and from being fully dependent to completely independent.