The following deed transfers were recorded from June 12-16 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:


Alfred S. Green Jr. to Rein Green.

Herbert Peters and Eleanor Masin Peters to Martha B. Daniels.


Nancy D. Toole and Frank J. Toole Jr. to Robert David Cagnina Jr., Ann Cagnina and Robert David Cagnina.

William A. Langhorne and Kirsten R. Langhorne to Robert M. Stockman and Sally C. Stockman.

Camden Gardens Inc. to Kaylee Osgood.


Acorn Grance No. 418 Patrons of Husbandry and Achorn Grange Corporation No. 418 to Maine State Grange P of H.

Alan I. Ames to Lousie M. Ames.


Jane C. Bianco to John Milan.


Jay Leech to Jay Leech and Becca Swan.

Owls Head

Anne A. Gibson and Barbara N. Bitner to Anne Amelia Gibson Trust and Barbara Niles Bitner Trust.

Scott Freeman and Diana M. L. Freeman and Richard C. Freeman.

Uno R. Ilvonen to Jeffrey M. Woodman and Christina L. Woodman.

John A. Swears and Betsey G. Swears to Casey T. Kenniston.

Kevin C. Mills Est to Doreen McGaff.


Lynn A. Blood to Mark Digirolamo.

Casey T. Kenniston and David Charles Kelley Jessica Higgins Kelley.

J. Brewster Grace to J. Brewster Grace and Anne Fusz Grace.

Brenda S. Batty to Thomas P. Marshall Jr. and Jeanne M. Marshall.


H. Lindsay Morton and Gail E. Morton to Craig T. Dennin and Denise J. Dennin.

Maxine G. Fernald to Maxine G. Fernald and Robert A. Fernald.

South Thomaston

Cheryl M. Waterman to Ashley B. Dudley.

Marchia Firth to Jessica Firth and Orion Becker.

St. George

Town of St. George to Lucy Hupper, D. Karnes, J. Karnes and L. Grey.

William R. Hraba and Kimberly A. Olson Hraba to Pacific Invested Inc.

Bayard W. Smith to Andrew S. Love Jr.

Philip W. Smith Jr. to Andrew S. Love Jr.

Ruth S. Thomas to Periwinkle Shore LLC.

Daniel D. Richard Jr. Tr. and Haskell Point Trust Agreement to Daniel D. Richard Tr. and Daniel D. Richard Trust Agreement.


Seth A. Richardson Est. to Steven D. Powell and Linda S. Powell.

JLIN LLC. to Kevin Merry.

Thomas D. Dibenedetti Jr. and Thomas D. Dibenadetti Jr. to Mitchell M. Carney, James M. Carney and Ruth M. Carney.


Daniel S. Eaton and Leslie J. Eaton and Nelson Mark Tolman II.

Amber Rose Abbotoni to Lydia W. Abbotoni.

Lydia W. Abbotoni and Michael A.Abbotoni to Amber Rose Abbotoni.

David Patten and Tammy Patten to Jedidiah J. Patten


Sarah H. Russell Tr. and Anne H. Russell Qualified Personal Residence Trust to Jennifer R. Mahoney, Sarah H. Russell and William B. Russell Jr.

Mary P. Pillsbury to Polly Stevenson Pillsbury and Samuel Pierce Pillsbury.

Inland Fresh Seafood Corporation of America to Frank Laurie.


Eliza C. Petrovits to Eliza C. Petrovits, Arleigh Kraus and William D. Kraus.

Laura K. Brown Gillman and Jeffrey N. Gillman to Donald Lunt and Nancy Lunt.

Robert A. Parsons and Patricia L. Parson to Laura K. Brown Gillman.


W. R. Rhea Associates Inc. to Richard J. Pincence and Megan E. Owen.

Alfred Holz to Matthew T. Pedrone and Danielle Croote.

Carol Lahm Sloane to William H. Darton Misty L. Darton.

Charlene G. Bonekemper to Benjamin R. Ledger and Cassie T. Ledger.