National Lobster Day, June 15, is quickly approaching, With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to select, prepare and eat the perfect lobster.

What is the best way to pick out the best lobster?

Look for a lively lobster! There are no tell signs of what make a lobster sweet or not. Choose one that weighs less than a pound and a half, as smaller lobsters are sweeter — and who doesn’t love a soft-shell lobster?

To cook Maine's favorite crustacean:

For a boiled lobster, make sure there is plenty of salt in the water. For whole roasted lobster, wrap in seaweed and place on an open flame.

Lobster breakdown: How to eat a lobster in (non-messy) style:

Enjoy the entire lobster by first twisting the tail off over a bowl to catch all of the tomalley; it is just a sweet, rich goodness. For soft-shell lobsters, gently squeeze the tail together. This will slit the back. Then flip it over and slide the tail out. Eat this first and let the claws stay intact, this will also keep them warmer while eating the lobster tail.

Gently twist the claws away from the body. Take the smaller part of the claw and break away, this will also drain away any extra water, so be ready for that. Use a knife to crack open the lobster and not a cracker, it does a more efficient and clean job. Take the back of a knife and stand the claw lengthwise. Hit the back of it to split it in two and gently remove the tail meat. You will have to remove the cartilage gently. Simply wiggle back and forth and it will come out.

Use lobster crackers on the knuckles. Squeeze the knuckle and try to push the meat through the largest end opening. The knuckles are the sweetest part.